It's annoying when your group of friends go to a theme park and there's that one person who doesn't go on any rides, it's like why the hell did you come, amirite?

Same. It's not that I hate amusement parks, I just get sick after the first half hour or so.

When the teacher asks who wants to present they're project first you should always volunteer. Not only do you get brownie points with the teacher but you also get to chill out in the back of the class room on your iphone for the rest of the period. Amirite?
You kind of like power cuts, but only if they don't last too long, amirite?

I was this close saying "no way" because I though you said "paper cuts."

An obese person buys a wii fit board, figuring it'd be the easiest way to lose a few pounds in their own home without having to humiliate themselves at the gym. They open the box, read the instructions and swear out loud. 'It says the maximum weight is only 330lbs!' The people of Nintendo should make sturdier boards for these people. amirite?
There might be a super amazing font out there in Power Point or Word, but you'll never know since it doesn't start with the letter A. amirite?
Even if you're a winter person, you gotta admit, having an extended winter break instead of summer break (3 months in winter and two weeks in summer) would suck. amirite?

What is this "snow" I keep hearing about? All it does during the winter here is rain. So, yeah, summer person.

Guys: it's cute when girls wear just the sleeves of a sweatshirt, amirite?
@lindsay48 How does that work though

I think he means wearing the sweater/hoodie/whatever, but having it not on your shoulders. Like, hanging off.
Hopefully that made some sense.

You know you live in small town when all the schools are named after the town itself (i.e: Maple Hill elementary, Maple Hill middle school, Maple Hill high), amirite?

My town's too small for a middle school...

That grey streak in Stacy London's hair is really strange, amirite?

It's probably natural. My band teacher has a little grey patch in his (otherwise red) hair.

You kind of like it when a band you love retires for good... because then they can't ruin the reason you liked them in the first place, amirite?

I'd rather have one of my favourite bands experiment with new sounds and create something I don't like than not create anything new at all. And it's not like their new music would void their old music, you know?

There's always that one word that you pronounce the wrong way in your head but you pronounce it right out loud, amirite?

Colonel. All the time.

Guys, you have tried to stick your dick through a donut before, amirite?


You used to pronounce Arkansas with an -as at the end not an -aw. amirite?

I used to pronounce it like Kansas, with an "ar" in front of it.
/says the ignorant Canadian

America has their priorities mixed up. We're all worried about North Korea this, China that, when we have Canada hovering right above us, just waiting for the right moment...watching us... amirite?
You've fallen for a character in your favorite show or book series before, amirite?