About me.

Proud American.
Get over it. I'm sick of the people on this site claiming to be "open-minded liberals" and yet at the sight of a conservative they yell "ignorant a--hole!" That's anything but open-minded. I can disagree with illegal immigration without being a bigot, disagree with homosexual marriages without being homophobic, and disagree with affirmative action without being a racist.

Here are my political views:

Also, I don't take the creation story in Genesis completely literally. I don't think it happened in 6 human days, though I know that God could've. I do, however, think it is remarkably similar to the Big Bang theory, which is what I believe in. I just don't think the Big Bang is plausible without God. Same thing goes with the formation of life. If you want to debate the existence of God, I would be more than happy to oblige.