You hate people who complain about every little thing the president does. Let's see you run the most powerful country on the face of the planet with 308 million people breathing down your back and criticizing your every move, amirite?

I am surprised no one has complained about the "most powerful country" statement yet. I am proud of you, Amirite community.

The problem with higher level math is that there are an infinite amount of correct answers, but there are infinitely more incorrect answers at the same time. The problems would be similar to "Go grab your dad a beer from the store," and after everything is said and done, you end up on Neptune, amirite?

This post makes less sense than potato

In general, patterns are magnificent and beautiful. Very appealing to the eyes, amirite?

I would have been extremely amused if the second line of text said something like "You like to rape kids, Amirite?" and them everyone would have agreed like "Woah, woah I did not know what I was signing up for"

You always see things on the internet you're like "I'm gonna do this" and then you never do, amirite?

I made one of those recycled wallets in the corner.
It turned out shitty.

Water polo is an underrated sport, amirite?

This past weekend, I got choked and kicked in the neck during a water polo game and made another girl bleed after digging my nails into her. And I still love the sport.

The best ending for a book is "and then he woke up.", amirite?

Expecially if the main character is a girl...
And then he woke up

You may not agree with Paul Ryan's views, but you have to admit he's a really cute guy, amirite?

He has a widow's peak so big, he could peck someone with it

"Owl" is a perfectly acceptable contraction of "I will", amirite?

You're a funny person. Owl try to use that joke on my friends to see if they think if it's funny.

Girls: If you want guys to stop having high expectations of perfect boobs and a nice ass in a girl, maybe you should stop having high expectations of every guy being a football player or track star able to bench 250 on a rep or run a 4.7. If you say girls with small boobs can be beautiful, then so can skinny guys be attractive, amirite?
You would appreciate a cheaper, more thoughtful gift more than jewelry, amirite?

(In my opinion) The coolest gift would be some mix-tapes and an old cassette player... :D

Hogwarts has really gone to the dogs. Luckily next year I'll be transferred to Pigfarts, amirite?

But it's on Mars...
How are you going to get there?
A rocket ship?

There should be more Jazz radio stations instead of crummy Hip-Hop & Rap and R&B radio stations, amirite?