To me that would be an acquaintance. Someone you are acquainted with, but you have no strong feelings about.

It's dumb that my manager at work always ignores the negative comments in the suggestion box. Listening to them is how he can help improve the workplace, amirite?
@cookiedough I think your manager has the right to not go through with your suggestions but he should discuss them with you.

He has the right not to go through with them, but mostly he just tosses them out and tells us to "stop whining," when we're really just trying to help.

Gamers: In a RPG game, you've sacrificed stats for looks, at least once... amirite?

Role playing game game, huh?

If your the only one to qualify to get or win something, then your a winner by default, amirite?

Try telling that to the student council that didn't give me the basket I won because not enough people entered the contest...

If Latin was compulsory in schools it would be easier for English speakers to learn languages like Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, amirite?

Yes, forcing everyone to learn Latin would make it easier to learn other romance languages afterwards, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea. If you want to learn Spanish, or Portuguese, or whatever, just learn that language. Learning Latin in order to learn another language is a really roundabout way of doing things, and if you don't care to learn Latin it's a waste of time.

I love your chair.

If you look at the blue and red logo, it's obviously Pet Smart, amirite?
People who dye their hair should dye their eyebrows the same color, amirite?

A lot of people's eyebrows are a different color from their natural hair.

An infant with real tears in his/her eyes is one of the most heart-breaking sights, amirite?

Not really. Infants will cry over anything. If your heart is going to break every time your baby wakes up, you're gonna end up spoiling the kid.

You wonder if people recognize your username on this site. amirite?
You wonder if people recognize your username on this site. amirite?
Hogwarts has really gone to the dogs. Luckily next year I'll be transferred to Pigfarts, amirite?

Pigfarts, Pigfarts, here I come!

If you could give yourself or someone you love immortality, you'd give it to the person you love, amirite?

Immortality is more of a curse than a blessing, if you're the only one who has it. I wouldn't force someone I love to watch everyone they know die.

It makes the author seem kind of conceited when their name is larger than the actual title of their book, amirite?
@PhatTim What if the book is self-titled?

Then unless it's an autobiography, the author's pretty conceited. If it is an autobiography, the author's probably still at least a little conceited.

It's horrible when you call shotgun, and EVERYBODY hears you, but some little jerk decides (s)he's gonna run to car and steal your rightfully earned seat, amirite?

Either call no blitz or stfu.