About me.

Well, I'm from the UK and I'm emo, punk or whatever, to be honest I'm not sure I'm just a mixture of them all really. I'm quite shy around new people which is why people who I don't really speak to are shocked when they found out I'm secretly a confident, hyper person who's too loud. I don't really cry much and I'm not that soppy, with people who are all lovey dovey or something I'm just like grow a pair. I don't really care about being popular it seems all that happens with the "cool" people is lying and bitching.

I'm obsessed with rock music (I don't like any other genres) it can vary from pop-rock to metal. I don't have a favourite band as I can't decide on one. So here's my top twenty (not in a certain order as I can't decide) by the way knowing me it'll change by next week

Mindless Self Indulgence
Avenged Sevenfold
The Blackout
Rise To Remain
Madina Lake
Enter Shikari
30 Seconds To Mars
Papa Roach
My Chemical Romance
Within Temptation
Bullet For My Valentine
Linkin Park
Green Day
Bring Me The Horizon

Wow reading back on this I've made myself sound like a right bitch lol. I am actually nice and I'm gonna stop now in case I end making myself sound too desperate.


Cya :P