I want to personally thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful posts, the conversations, and friendship, I also want to thank you for taking the time to favorite and comment on my own personal posts. I don't think y'all are told enough just how much I appreciate you being here💕

People change their mind for various reasons. I couldn't condemn people across the board for changing their mind, lol - that's over the top, Mark :)

I like to hope there's a chance for absolution, even if it came at the last minute of life.


Most welcome, John :)

DeKalb County police officer repeatedly beating a defenseless homeless woman - in my mind, the officer's behavior was subhuman - what do you think?
@Sukiesnow They should do more psychological tests on cops before they become cops. Power-hungry bastard.

I coudn't agree more - certainly more thorough tests and a stricter behavioral policy for anyone going out into the field.

Thanks for your input, cherie :)

Males: if you've had chest hair, have you removed it in some way to please a partner?

I've shaved it off, back in my teens, but it still left it scratchy - never again.

I had the option and passed it up.

At some point, before your 18th birthday, did you sneak out of the house after your parents/guardian went to sleep and, if so, what was the reason?

I was 16 with a friend sleeping overnight. Neither of us was tired and were bored beyond words. With my parents asleep for more than an hour, we made our escape onto the lower porch roof and down to the grass. We had no plan other than to see what people did at that time of the night. We headed toward downtown, met very little traffic until a couple older teens headed our way; their body language and facial expressions were screaming; FIGHT. Right at that moment it sucked to be me. My weight was at 128, never pumped iron, wouldn't know a sit-up from a sit-in, and I think that's what saved me. The one bulky guy went after my bulky buddy while the second toughie held a nut pick to my upper chest. Thirty seconds into the fight a police cruiser rolled up, told them to get lost but for us to get in the patrol car. I had to give them my parents' number while the cop drove in the direction of my street... you know the rest. That was the last time I went full on stupid.

Who is your favourite fictional villain?

It's a tie for Lex Luther and The Joker

What are two foods you think taste good with whipped cream?

Strawberries; Belgian Waffles

What types of issues / posts turn you off or disinterest you?
Pain can make you cranky.

When it's frequent, sure - incessant, definitely.

What makes your heart flutter and brings a big cheesy smile to your face?

Children - newborns through the teens - and, yeah, Boz, puppy dogs, too a smilie

Nice post, Doc.

Do you think people on here judge you by your questions?

I haven't had the impression those judgements were damning, though.