The rules for creating a password can be ridiculous.. see the first comment for the joke.
Do off-topic responses to posts you've submitted sometimes bother you, especially when the responses get muchfarther away from the original issue?
@Carla I dont mind at all.

Thanks for your input, young lady :D

No - I've no clue how to, nor do I want to learn.

Have you ever said "no hablo inglés" to avoid a conversation?

I've done that in German, lol - it works :)

What's your favourite hangover cure?

Water, quiet, a shaded room, and rest... lots of it.

What do you check before going to bed?

The time when I laid down.

Hoping by the end of the day you will have had all things wonderful come your way - you're certainly deserving ;)

What’s been your worst experience staying in a hotel?

We were given a room that smelled of stale cigarette smoke - eventually another room opened but that experience left a lasting impression.

Of what do you never grow bored?
Painting your baseboards the same color as your walls is daring.

Martha Stewart would have someone's short hairs in the grip of her hand if they colored the wall and baseboard the same... that's exceptionally boring.

What book gives you happy memories?

I was a Koontz fan as well until his books became over-descriptive in unnecessary areas, lending nothing important nor enriching - still, his books were a good read till then ;)

Wait! Then it's not true that I've been loved and appreciated by all during my stay in Amirite?


I can't fathom the well of patience and resilience big city drivers must draw from in order to make it through traffic one more day.