Males: if you've had chest hair, have you removed it in some way to please a partner?

I envy you that, lol... I hate having to trim and shave hair that I've never asked for :)

Do you take part in public opinion polls or surveys outside of those at
@StarzAbove Yes, telephone surveys!

I worked at Zogby International (polling and survey company) for 10 years and loved it. It was truly interesting to find where people's thoughts were on political issues and major news interests. It's been rare when I'd get a call at home for those types of interviews, though - I take part in them whenever they're available.

Thanks for taking part in this, Starz - it's always been good to get your points of view :)

What would you like as your next meal?

Haddock fillet (boned & broiled), fresh Maine lobster tail (shelled) with a bowl of melted butter, baked potato (skin on), green garden veggies, four deviled eggs, apple crumble, black coffee.

Everyone has their own Angels. What's your belief in this regard? And, where do they all come from...?

I'm atheist so, from the biblical sense, I'm not seeing that angels exist; if ever one existed, it'd be you, of course :P

All I can remember is "cool" - not exactly astounding but there ya go.


I've never seen the artists till now... all this time I thought they were white, lol - oh, well :D

Do you feel you have enough savoir-fair to easily fit-in at a high society gathering?
@PhilboydStudge Probably not. If nothing else I would be betrayed by my clothes and my language.

Well, yes, that can happen, even at posh stores, well-visited stage productions, and so on - the people not even attempting to hide their scrutiny - I've been a victim of it only once... it's a shitty feeling.

Phil, thanks for taking part in my question - I'm grateful you've given the time ;D

Louie CK accused of sexual misconduct. Do you think it's a bit odd that so many accusations are surfacing up?

It's a welcome reveal - about 6M years too late - to see sexually-bullied males and females being confident enough to speak-out against the assaults they've been made to endure when the risk to shame has, until these past few decades, kept them behind a cloak of silence - a cloak of shame - even at the demand of the victim's' parents. It's incredibly good to see this recent wave of empowerment... I hope to see it continue!

The rules for creating a password can be ridiculous.. see the first comment for the joke.

Thanks for the tip - worth the trip ;D

A CNN post that will make you cry and smile - so precious.

A bright spot on the dark part of life

How well-disciplined are you with abstaining from using vulgarities?
@Masha Because I’m a cunt. That’s the direct English descendant of the Proto-Indo-European word for woman...

Ah-ha :) Well, you get a quick kiss and a warm hug... oh, and a thank you for posting.

How well-disciplined are you with abstaining from using vulgarities?

LOL... you came damned close - good job!! :P

Double entendre? Oh, yeah. "No Bull. This News Anchor Can't Handle Bison Hump Day"
Do off-topic responses to posts you've submitted sometimes bother you, especially when the responses get muchfarther away from the original issue?
@AliceD I still have not found the pocket watch I lost when I was 12.

I was thinking the same thing when I drafted the post, which reminds of the time I broke my first pair of glasses.

Good to have your input; it's been ages since I've seen you last ;)

What's the most expensive thing you've broken?

A cut glass Tiffany table lamp out of the mid-1900s that belonged to my fiancée's mom.