About me.

My name is Katie, and I'm from California, USA. I'm from the part of California where today is the day before Christmas Eve but it is 70 degrees out and sunny. And for the record, 70 degrees is actually on the cold side for me. I've been on amirite? for a very long time, but for most of that time I was just a lingering anonymous user. I finally decided to become a part of the community after a year or so, and here I am! I ramble. I'm known for it. I don't expect you to read all this. I'm waiting for video files to convert and it's insanely boring.
Useless Information About Me
I'm 16. I have a little sister named Kelly. I have known my best friend Emily since birth. She pretty much lives at my house, and we have our own language. I babysit 3 year old triplets. I have had one boyfriend, we were together for about a year and a half and now we're best friends, so yes, it possible to be friends after a breakup. I play guitar and I absolutely love it.
Life Favorites
Also known as Useless Information About Me Part 2
Favorite Food: Penne pasta, a plain salad, steak or chicken. Oh and bacon. And anything spicy.
Favorite Dessert: Pizookie from BJ's.
Favorite Place: Hawaii, Colorado, Washington D.C, California
Favorite T.V. Show: Bones, Lost, Misfits
Favorite Book: Life Without Limits- Nick Vujicic, Marley and Me- John Grogan (I love autobiographies). And Hunger Games.
Favorite Website: Amirite. But stumbleupon is in second place
Favorite color- Pink, purple or blue
Fun Fact: I have troubles picking just one favorite...
Favorite Sport: Softball
Favorite Phsycial Activity That May Or May Not Count as a Sport: Gymnastics
Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks, Zooey and Emily Deschanel, Robert Sheehan
Favorite Acedemic Class: Always has been English, but I'm also really enjoying chemistry
Least favorite academic class: Math
Favorite elective: photography class
Favorite Instrument: Acoustic Guitar
Favorite Musicians/ Bands: I have a slight obsession with Jason Mraz. I dont think he has a song I haven't heard. When I'm not listening to him, I also love Mumford and Sons, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, The Fray, Muse, Pink, and Maroon 5.
Other stuff I like: Wakeboarding, being on boats, the beach, L.A., being with my family, taking pictures, babysitting (triplets l smilie ), being creative, talking to people, psychology (escpeially criminal psychology). And I really, really, really, really enjoy learning. Especially about other countries and cultures.
Stuff I'd Like To Do Before I Die
Visit every continent
But more specifically: France, Italy, Australia, Greece, Switzerland, Japan, England, Brazil, Ireland, India
Fly a Plane
Study Abroad
Become fluent in another language
Get a POTD (who wouldn't want that?) But another would be amazing!
Start a business (no matter how small)

Amirite Favorites
Favorite Posts: http://amirite.net/680063
But also
Favorite User: To Be Decided
Favorite Group: http://amirite.net/group/I+Do+That+Too/posts

I have gotten one POTD, of which I am quite proud: http://amirite.net/684572

I like talking to new people, but I'm not going to beg you to send me a message (even though that would be nice). If you seem interesting, I'll probably send you a message, so don't be creeped out or wonder why this chick is talking to you. Though it is completely understandable.

I enjoy proper spelling and grammar. However, while you will most always find me using the correct version of "your and you're" and "there, their, and they're", I'm not going to promise that my contractions will always have apostrophies or that my use of puncuation and capitalization is essay-worthy. I will promise that my writings will not be a pain to look at, but please note that sometimes I get lazy or distracted when typing, and I didn't mean to offend anyone.

If you took the time to read this-thanks!