I don't regret the things I've done, I regret the things I didn't do when I had the chance. amirite?

No, I still regret some things I've done.

There should be private messaging on this site, amirite?

@220593 (Rebel): Ahhh, I was unaware, and yeah it was for my email, but I see that there IS private messaging, and I much regret making this post...

who feeds a chicken, chicken thats forced canabilism, amirite?

Unonriginal AND spelled wrong?

It's sad when parents dont teach their kids the language from the country they were from. amirite?

WWE sucks ass

If evolution is real, then why do we still have monkeys? If they all supposedly evolved, why aren't they extinct, amirite?

dont post it unless you understand it..

This can be the only explanation: Worm 1: "Feel that? It's raining." Worm 2: "Wanna go on the sidewalk and die?" Worm 1: "God yeah", amirite?

Whats with all the hate on the post? Its not amazing, but its not completely terrible, everyones talking like it was the worst post ever

Ladies we know it's our hair that clogs up the drain but we'd still rather have someone else clean it out, amirite?


Twilight is like soccer. They run around for 2 hours, no body scores, and it's billion fans insist you just don't understand, amirite?
@Marki At least when you watch twilight you can laugh at it...soccer is just boring. I have played soccer by the way and...

Exactly, just because you don't like it doesn't mean your fat, it just means you actually realized its just a bunch of people lying down and crying for literally no reason and with games that have 4 shots on net, there's absolutely no entertainment coming from the game, whatsoever.

ur starting to like miley cyrus more then selena gomez, amirite?
@WelcomeToTheNewAge i dont give a crap

Well, "not giving a crap" has sure got you a lot of respect and homepaged posts...

I am partial to a rotund posterior and I am unable to profess falsities, thoust clansmen may not forsake; that given a wench walks in with a corset on her waist and a round thing in thine face, thou gets sprung, amirite?
@VictoryAAC Sorry, other people were saying that the song's name was "I Like Big Butts" and that is not the actual name of the...

Its all good, I actually never knew that it was called that, but after further research, I found that you were correct, thank you :)

When you're really bored, you go on Youtube or Google and hit every letter of the alphabet and look at what comes up, amirite?

What I meant is that you hit A, backspace, B, backspace, C, back space, etc. I should have mentioned that.... So lets hope this gets over 500 votes so I can put a follow up :)

There's no reason crying over spilt milk. Unless your tears are made of chocolate syrup, in which case you should spill it into another cup, cry over it, then drink it out of there, amirite?
There are three main criteria that an activity has to meet to be a sport. It has to be competitive, it has to be physically exerting, and it has to be scored in a way that doesn't involve judges because the score they give is arbitrary. This means that swimming, track, and ultimate frizbee are sports. However, NASCAR, cheerleading, golf, and dancing are not. amirite?
@soccerfan Point well taken. But allow me to bring forth another perspective: Even if the driving part is not considered a...

No, I'm pretty sure nobody has ever heard of the sport "Pit-Crewing," seeing as we've already established that NASCAR isn't a sport...

Why the fuck did they burn down the burrow in the sixth Harry Potter Movie, amirite?
when u find out someone has a crush on you, you usually start to liking them back, amirite?