They should put two shower heads in the shower so you don't have to keep turning around, amirite?
I hate getting greetings wrong, eg "How ya doin'?" Nothin', you?", amirite?
@jordanhefner "Enjoy your movie." "Thanks, you too"...shit.


"Happy Birthday!" "You too!.. er..." walks away

@wafflelove that would suckkk having a dickk! haha that sounds kinda funny....

Aha its not that bad, like half the time you don't notice it's there, but if its not like tiny it gets pretty uncomfortable sitting sometimess

Real movie titles that would make for terrible pornos: James and the Giant Peach, The Fast and the Furious, and Exit Wounds, amirite?
What happens in Vegas... ends up on Facebook, amirite?
Girls: Wtf is that yellow stuff that collects in your vaginal folds? Guys: you wish you didn't read this. amirite?


It's funny when certain brand names become so popular they're the name of the actual product, like Kleenex or Band-Aids, amirite?
@ihatesocks What? And everyone I know says duct.

You're right, it's duct, cause the makers original purpose was to just use it to fix holes in ducts, but then it expanded to fixing everything y smilie

Walking down the sidewalk becomes a lot less boring when you treat the things along it like balance beams, amirite?
@BreakfastFan You mean the curb?

yeah, or like the parking cement block things

No matter how tough you think you are, if a bee flies near you, you will scream and run, amirite?
I doth admire it when thine refer to me as large fore bearer, (thrust thine appendages into thy space, if thine confess to being a sincere panderer), amirite?
@OFWGKTA on second hand terms, i must ask if you my good sir have finalled the song " cant touch this" wiht your beastly...

Ahh, yes im almost done, but shall i wail a bit longer to add it, or post it immediately upon completion? the fate of this post rests in your hands.

There are some things that people get paid for that are just ridiculous, like strippers or the actors on Oobi, amirite?
@Black_No_1 Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how hard it is to really pole dance... and how disgusting having to deal...

And you said you don't go on every post and argue... Plus how would you know, it's not like someone like you would get paid to be looked at :S

After you get your hair cut, it's hard to tell if you like it or not, until you get home and fix it the way you want. Amirite?

Those few minutes until I get home and see if it looks good are probably the most suspenseful moments of my life

Girls are the best clitar players, amirite?
@Keith_Stone Y my post tho?

Not sure, you seem to have an attractive scent to douches though

Alright movie theatres, I'll stop illegally downloading your movies, as long as YOU stop charging me $11.95 for a small popcorn, amirite?
@musicismagical I had a dollar theatre with cheap food about an hour from where I live, and apparently it became illegal to charge...

its actually illegal for movie theaters NOT to rape your wallet, the police let out a message a couple of weeks ago about it

You find it weird that movies don't shoot the scenes in chronological order, amirite?