Nothing gets you down like a low battery sign. amirite?

It's even better when you cant find the charger.

Homophobia is a bit queer, amirite?

I'm from Utah. I think I know all about homophobia.

You're always a little reluctant to take the last tissue, you might need it later, amirite?
You hate it when all in the same week you have a math test, a history test, the apocalypse, a science test, and a term paper in english due, amirite?

Don't you hate it when that happens?

you hate it when people try to be funny by quoting a movie, amirite?

If youre quoting Zoolander then its always funny.

Sex is a normal part of life, it should not be treated with repulse or fasination, amirite?

Unless youre homophobic. Then it's totally cool to be repulsed -_-

Her bone structure screams touch her touch her, amirite?
You know some shit is gonna go down if you're asked to take part in a documentary about addiction, amirite?

Then they tried to get me on Intervention

It sucks when you're siphoning gas and you accidentally swallow some, amirite?

Dontcha hate it when the thing you're sucking doesn't taste good?

You are as graceful as a swan. A swan with its head chopped off, twitching like crazy and having spasms,amirite?
Americans should just stop trying to impersonate British accents, amirite?

Ermahgerd, Gerd serv ther qwern.

Calling your parent by "Dad, Dad!" in a public place never works. It has to be by their name, amirite?

I don't talk to my dad in public.

You hate it when you are clearly doing the dishes, and then someone puts their dirty plate in the sink, amirite?

Best part of going to college.

Tea is better than coffee, amirite?
Very rarely do you actually WANT to walk your dog, amirite?

Live on a farm = never have to walk dog.