it's weird how some kids think they can't be caught looking at porn if they delete it from the web history. parents can access the hard drive to see it if they know how to. amirite?
@Shugah Any ten year olds on this site? I need a show of hands

Yes, every ten year old come forth, and state your address!

Chris Hansen should help Rebecca Black's confusion and tell her to have a seat over there, amirite?

Chris Hansen can go eat a dick...

You wish you had never seen 'Two girls one cup', amirite?
Chris Hansen should help Rebecca Black's confusion and tell her to have a seat over there, amirite?
@Chris_Hansen 861 disturbed children think otherwise.

Whoa I'm getting closer to 1000 faster than I thought!

If Facebook had a theme song it would be "Every Breath You Take" by The Police, amirite?

That's my favorite song...

Why does Micheal Jackson like shopping at Kohl's? Cause the little boys pants are half off, amirite?

No, it's suppose to be Why does pedobear like shopping at Kohl's not michael jackson, you fool! bitch slaps

It'd be interesting to see statistics of your life after you die. Like, what joke you found the funniest, how many times you smiled, how many times you laughed, how many times you lied, or how many people you loved, amirite?

Or how many kid's I'VE touched!

Your virginity is the best wedding present you could ever give, amirite?

It's also a great 4th birthday present!

The leading cause of paedophilia is sexy kids, amirite?


It was recently found out that a dinosaur skull is fossilized inside the alter of an Italian cathedral. If that isn't irony, I don't know what is, amirite?
iCarly said '.net ' is for losers. Fuck her, amirite?
@With pleasure!!

Who the fuck do you think you are?

It's kinda odd how in Goldilocks and the three bears Papa bear and Mama bear don't share a bed, amirite?
You wonder how many people on here live in your town or go to your school, amirite?
@PurpleSkittles Pedo Bear.

How the FUCK did you get computers in my basement?!

The back to school Fruit of the Loom commercial promises your kids will look great [in their new underwear], but who is going to see it? amirite?
"How DARE you say the word rape!? That's insensitive to victims of sexual assault!" "INSENSITIVE?! DON'T YOU EVER USE THAT WORD! IT'S OFFENSIVE TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE SENSES!" It's never gonna stop, amirite?