Sex is an incredibly weird process if you think about it, amirite?

Wow look how brave you all are hiding behind your anonymous masks!

It's really awkward when you end up handcuffed in your friend's boss's office and your pants are across the room, amirite?

Haha, chandler <3

There is a very fine line between bravery and stupidity. Ex: Bravery - I'm going to go and save the village with my army of experienced soldiers! Stupidity - I HAZ BIG SWORD THAT GO WOOOSH WOOSH! I SAVE TOWNSPEOPLE ALL BY MYSELF! amirite?

Freaking hilarious(: love this

I'm pretty sure that Jesus didn't mention in the Bible that His followers had to be a bunch of arrogant, hateful idiots, amirite?

Not all of us are like that. There's a few out there who give us a bad name, but most of us are nothing like that.

No matter how old you are, there's almost always something on Boy Meets World that can apply to your life, amirite?
It suck when your best friend gives your hairbrush to a peach, amirite?

That made my day(:

The highest form of hypocrisy is when homosexuals are shunned by Christians. If they were really Christians, they would know that all sins are equal and forgiven by God, amirite?
@Anangrygnome As many Christians as I know will be offended by this post, as a Christian myself, I must agree. Most Christians...

I totally agree. I am a Christian as well, and I am sickened by the judgement-turned-hate. Thank God for grace, amirite? Lol. But seriously, I wish more people got the point instead of going hate-crazy.

GUYS: you want a girl who... (1) Lets you hang out with your friends (2)Does not become jealous when you talk to your friends that are girls (3) Does not give you grief when you play black ops (4)Does not put you on a leash (5) Makes you the occasional sandwich 6 smilieRandomly makes you cookies. GIRLS: Some of you would enjoy doing this, amirite?

I make mine cookies randomly(: he loves it.

It's okay that I broke up with my boyfriend because he couldn't understand that I wasn't ready to give him my virginity and that for now college was more important than him. amirite?
An awkward situation would be walking in on 2 people having sex while wearing flippers, amirite?

Depends on who's wearing the flippers ;)

You can be a Christian without believing in the Bible, amirite?
@Many of the stories in the Bible are impossible. For example, it would be impossible to get two of EVERY species...

nothing is impossible. from a human point of view, yeah, it definetely is lol, but Noah had God. God lead the animals to him. Yeah, it seems unlikely, but it's true.

Don't be shocked that people die; be surprised you're still alive. Amirite?
Why does a guy start to behave like a jerk when he realizes a girl has a crush on him, amirite?

It's because they get all cocky, like, "I've got her in the bag, I can relax, can't mess this up because she's already into me" type thing.

It's always awkward when that Indian kid you just met asks to see the scoliosis curve you used to have in your back, amirite?
@shelbyam118 Is Fez really from India?

That's what I thought lol. I should have said "that foreign kid".

Matthew Perry: No matter what he acts in, he's still Chandler. amirite?
@flector Is it sad that, because he came up so much in AP World History, I immediately though of the guy that opened Japan's...

lol no definetely not. if anything, it means you're very smart, because while you related it to something major in history, we related it to a guy on tv& in movies (: so good for you =D