About me.

I think I'm done with amirite, and I only came back to write this. A lot of the cool kids left and got replaced by not-so-cool kids.

I am of the male persuasion

I was formerly known as Whyuhappy,I changed it because it was some random thing I though of when I was in fourth grade or so.

I'm bilingual cool smilie, and English is not my first language. I first spoke Romanian, as I am a Romanian (It is a Latin based language, so Spanish is easier for me y smilie ).

I like to play guitar, its quite fun; and I've gotten a much better understanding of music just from playing (I only know bits and pieces of theory). Another thing that I really like to do is play soccer, It's stupid how people slam it for only have 2 or 3 goals per game; the point is that you drastically (unless you are crushing the other team, or vice versa) change the game. One goal is worth tons of baskets.

Stuff I like
Top 5 (No Order)
The Temper Trap
Foster The People
Arcade Fire
Of Monsters And Men
Dry The River

Art of Sleeping
Band Of Horses
The Beatles
The Black Keys
Bon Iver
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Vampire Weekend
Fleet Foxes
DIIV (Thanks to Courage_Wolf)
The Morning Benders (Thanks to Courage_Wolf)
Empire Of The Sun
Mumford And Sons
The Naked And Famous
Neutral Milk Hotel
Paper Lions
Passion Pit
The Postal Service
The Shins
Two Door Cinema Club
The White Stripes
We Are Augustines
Young The Giant
The XX