About me.

Perpetual here.

Educate yourself: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Perpetual

Here are some vague facts about me:

Age: Old enough to drink.

Sex: Frequent.

Location: The land of maple syrup and hockey, eh?

Hot? Of course.

Single? Of course not.

Religion: Educated on all religions. Prefer mine over yours. Jokes. ;)

Politics: Couldn't care less.

Drink of Choice: Chocolate Milk.

Drug of Choice: Advil.

Sarcasm: God's gift to the intelligent.

Opinions: I have mine, but I respect yours. That being said, my opinions tend to go against the vocalized grain of Amirite.net: Pro-life, pro-creation (NOT Creationism), sex-is-for-marriage, etc. I usually get down-voted for these but then again, it's not like I give a poop. ;)

The Too Many TV Shows I Watch:
--Person of Interest (By far the best show.)
--Suits (Second best. Tied with Castle.)
--Burn Notice
--Big Bang Theory
--Hawaii Five-O
--Covert Affairs
--White Collar
--Pretty Little Liars (Yeah.. Ouch.)

I've probably forgotten some. It's pathetic, I know. And I cannot believe I admitted to the last one.

Random Facts:
..I don't own any social networking accounts.
..I love photography, especially black-and-white.
..I write short stories in my free time.
..English is not my first language. Which means if it is yours, you'd better hope your grammar is up to par.