About me.

Oh hullo there :)

I am a person who resides somewhere on Earth, just like you.

What else do we have in common?
We'll see...

Likes: rainy days, hot cheeto fries, horseback riding, bugs, nature, archery, the sound of a cool breeze rushing through the trees, the musical My Fair Lady, windchimes, rolling down grassy slopes, eating peppered french fries with chopsticks, the fresh smell of mountain air, gazebos, BIG purses, sneaking small feasts into the movie theatres by using aforementioned big purses, the sound of rap in French, the sound of the Spanish language being spoken, the 1958 song Chantilly Lace by Big Bopper, dictionaries and thesauruses, chocolate covered gummy bears, rice, trees, freckles, looking into people's eyes, the Quakers' idea of “living silence,” secluded cottages, the feeling of accomplishment that comes from making instant noodles and calling it cooking, Charlie Brown specials on the holidays, triple chocolate doughnuts, and a good night's sleep

Dislikes: brand names, getting tan, virtual books, hot days, narrow minds, small talk, avoidance tactics, how fast paced life has become, euphemisms

Loves: reading, writing, most kinds of food, family & friends (of course), my dog, and my pet mouse

Interests: cognitive neuroscience, how memory works, philosophy, learning what motivates people, psychology, the study of dreams, photography, how the human brain functions, finding out weird, engaging, or useless facts

WOW. If you have reached this bottom part without skipping, I commend thee.

“In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane.” - Oscar Wilde
“All cats are grey in the dark.” - Ben Franklin
“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” - Robert McCloskey

“No matter your race, your looks, your faith ... We are all still the same at the core. We are born human, are we not? We die human too. We are all one and the same despite the different paths we might take.”