If Adam and Eve did populate the world, then everything DID start with a big bang, amirite?
@AntiJokeChicken Adam and Eve weren't the only two people created. l2bible.

Why is everybody downvoting this guy? Hes right. There are two different creation stories in the Bible from two different sources. In one story they talk about making a man and tearing out a rib, but in the other one, it just says God made humans, not how many. People always group these two stories together.

It's weird how we, humans, are the only animals that have to cook our food, how come animals, like wolves, can eat their meat raw and not get sick, amirite?

We used to be able to eat raw meat. Thats what the appendix used to be used for. But over time as humans became more civilized, we started cooking our meat and the appendix became a vestigial organ. You can lose you appendix now and still function normally.

Statements like "I'm going to leave the country if Obama is reelected" are just going to make you look like an idiot if he actually does get reelected. We all know that for every 10,000 of these claims, there is about 1 or 2 people that will follow through. Even worse, many people that claim this don't even have citizenship to any other countries. amirite?
Democratic debates: Black guy, woman, old white guy, asian. Republican debate: All old white guys. amirite?

Your point is? You want to elect a qualified and intelligent leader to govern the country, not have a giant "Well, he's black so hes better," fiasco. If the democratic debate has a qualified African American, GOOD. But if the Republican is more qualified, I don't want to hear, "Well hes old, male and white so I shouldn't vote for him because equality is good."

You wonder why people refer to gold things as "solid gold." It's obviously not a liquid or a gas, what the hell else is it gonna be, amirite?
@Perpetual I believe it usually means pure gold. As in 24karat gold. However, for future reference, any solid can be turned...

There is no such thing as a solid, pure gold. Pure gold is liquid. They mix the liquid gold with another mineral or rock to make it solid (steel usually). 24-Karat is the purest it can get, but its still not 100% pure.

Women's rights are good and all, but the government is overdoing it WAY too much, amirite?
@jade_m Meanwhile...women are still making less than men. Absolutely ridiculous. OP IS EXTREMELY SEXIST AND IGNORANT!!!

1st off, thats a lie. Its a misconception. Why? Because lets say a woman works 8 hours and makes 100 dollars. Now lets say a man makes 120 dollars for that same 8 hours. 9/10 times its not because ones a man and ones a woman. Its 1 of 2 things. Either 1, in the negotiation of the contract, the man was more aggressive while the woman was a little more passive. Theres nothing wrong with that, but its a possibility.
The other possibility is that the man has proven to be a harder worker with his credentials. I can assure you if a woman comes into a job with a masters degree from Yale and the man comes in with a degree from [Insert Loser College], the woman will make more money hands down. Yes, there are some sexist employers in the world, but people have to understand there is a point where one has to walk away from that job, because why would you even want to work under a sexist in the first place?

Curling, the most pointless sport since golf, amirite?

Golf = Pointless? You are obviously in absolutely no touch with the business world. Noone says "Hey employee, do you want to go play basketball?" They all play golf...

nothings better then laying out in the sun on a hot summer day with lemonade and a good book, amirite?

Really? A nice cool beautiful day with a nice breeze, walking around the town with your best friends laughing and having a good time sounds more enjoyable than laying down with a book. Just me probably.

Why does a baby's age begin once he or she is born? Shouldn't the kids already be nine months old since they're technically living organisms in the womb? amirite?

That day would be a little more of a day for your parents to remember wink. Sorry for the mental image.

Fox News is already blaming Obama for the earthquake, amirite?
@Astronaut_Will We didn't blame him for Katrina. It was for not helping. Besides, this one a joke. If you don't know how to take...

Yes, people did. And you are low enough to call me a 12-year old... just because you have your head stuck so far up your CNN ass and not even listening to what other people said, makes you an ignorant fuck. If you don't think people blamed Bush for Katrina, look at these links:

Fox News is already blaming Obama for the earthquake, amirite?

First off, its a natural disaster. It was noone fault. Its nature. It happens. Secondly, stop acting like an ass, millions of democrats blamed Bush for Katrina. Acting like he caused a hurricane. There are extremists on both sides. Jeez...

In America it's fine to kill a baby, but when you kill a bald eagle all hell breaks loose, amirite?

What? This post is about Casey Anthony, not abortion... I think...

From the posts on this site, you can infer that most people that made posts were born in the mid to late 80s, are Harry Potter fans, and are smart, amirite?

I'd say born in late 80's to mid 90's, are Harry Potter addicts who will storm anybody who dare voices an opinion against them, and mostly liberals.

You respect a 16 year old mother who give her baby up for adoption to a loving family/couple 10000x more than a 16 year old mother that keeps the baby! amirite?

It depends. If the 16 year old mother is responsible, has enough financial support, still does well in school, and cares for her child all the time, then I support the 16 year old mother. If the 16 year old mother is a slut who slept around and doesn't have any plans or preparation for the child, then I support her having the baby and putting it up for adoption.

a Canadian is just a weaponless American with health insurance, amirite?

I don't think people get it. Most of America is not ignorant. Most Americans are normal people who get up at 7:30, go to work, come home, eat dinner, spend some time with the family, watch some TV, then go to bed.
The reason Americans seem like idiots and assholes is because the media only pays attention to all of the bad people. You never turn on the T.V. and see "Man saves puppy from tree," or "Friendly citizen volunteers at food bank." What you see is "Local shooting at mall," "Casey Anthony: Guilty or Not Guilty," and "Westboro Baptist Church riot at homosexual's funeral."