Parkour should be an Olympic sport, amirite?
@hughmanitee parkour is by nature not competitive. Competitive 'parkour' isn't real parkour.

I've always heard people define parkour as "Getting from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible" but obviously many people disagree with that. Perhaps free running would have been a better term?

YouTube's old comment system was infinitely superior to the current one, amirite?
@You know what's sad? I can't even remember the old YouTube layout because I'm so used to the modern crappy one.

It was a lot like the one on on this site, where you can easily see the replies and the comment, but a while back someone decided it would be a GREAT idea to make it utterly impossible to find the original comment.

I did even before I started programming

If one of your friends doesn't know what a "furry" is you don't want to explain because it makes you feel like a creep. amirite?

When it comes to that kind of stuff, I find that it's easier (and funnier) to be as blunt as possible

Cereal brands are sexist, there are no female mascots. amirite?

that must mean we have to sue them

Sometimes you look at someone and wonder how they got so awesome, amirite?

All the time, afterwards I usually ponder how I could become that awesome

it's so hard to watch characters in movies or on TV experience awkward moments, amirite?

I just want to jump through the screen and yell at them

Team Tyler's Van: Because if Edward doesn't regret saving Bella, we do! amirite?
Your car has a name, amirite?

No, but my iPhone has a name... (Alexandria)

Team Tyler's Van: Because if Edward doesn't regret saving Bella, we do! amirite?

Is that the same as Team 'Guy who almost hit Bella with his car' because that's the team I'm on

Metal gear solid would probably make a pretty decent video game adaptation of a movie, amirite?

Assassin's creed would be better

Having alot of freckles is cute. But having alot of moles is nasty. amirite?
Whenever it starts raining "rain rain go away, please come back another day" pops into your head, amirite?

No way, I live in Texas and there are grass fires everywhere right now, we need that rain

Few things in life feel worse than that split second just before you vomit. amirite?

you're body trying to force you to vomit when you have nothing in you to vomit is pretty terrible

You wish artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry would put out acoustic albums to show how vocally talented they really are, amirite?
@asleepfromday C'mon, let's not do that. OP was just giving examples of popular pop icons.

But one has an actual voice and the other doesn't, at least, as far as I know.