According to parents, we're too young for love, too old for "fun," too mature to play dumb, and too immature for "grown up" conversations. No wonder teens are so rebellious; there's nothing else to do, amirite?
@Your parents are just trying to make sure you don't end up a slut on the streets. Maybe you should be grateful.

Did you actually read the post or did you just assume it said "mah parentz r so flipehn gaaayyy"

Oh this is gold, such a better POTD than the recent ones

Guys: it's completely ok to give blow-jobs, amirite?

lmao, this is in the food category

1000, amirite?

what a waste of post 1000

There's better ways than war to get back at a country. For example, pick a day where its supposed to rain, fly over the capital city, and drop thousands of rolls of toilet paper. That way no one gets killed, everyone gets confused, and they have to spend their time getting wet toilet paper off of their buildings instead of hurting others. amirite?
@If my calculations are correct, this shall one day be POTD.

@557325 (Anonymous): 10 bucks says this is Anthony

You gotta wonder how Carly's character was created, "I like Drakes evil little sister, but you know what would make her better? If she was a quirky web-show host.... oh and Crazy Steve should be her older brother", amirite?
@chesca_international Yer but you gotta love crazy steve.

crazy Steve is my favorite character

I read about a character who never ages. He likes this girl for unexplained reasons and watches her while she sleeps, and he has the ability to make her immortal too. And occasionally he sparkles. And I like this character. Who is he? Peter Pan, and the sparkling is fairy dust. amirite?
There should be a girl equivilent to the word guy. There's boys and girls, but that seems young-ish, there's ladies and gentlemen, but that sounds too formal, and there's men and women, but that sounds too grown up. Guy is the perfect word for a teenage boy, but what is there for a teenage girl, amirite?

It's definitely chick
And here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (Texas) no one says gal

Girls: Guys don't care how long your eyelashes are, amirite?

Yes! I hate all those ads about mascara that supposedly makes you're eyelashes super long, because they always look awful. I for one care much more about eyelashes looking thick and normal. Though I probably think way too much about eyelashes for a guy.

After watching Inception, some people killed themselves because that thought that their real life was a dream. This is sad, amirite?

I honestly don't believe that.

those times when you thought you were a rebel when you stayed up until 10pm, amirite?

Those times where you fail to edit the Facebook group into an amirite post

You cant wait until amirite becomes popular like mlia or fml and you can say that you were one the original members, amirite?

1: you dont count as an original member
2: it kind of already is popular

People who say breaking up in a text message is the worst break up technique is WAY wrong. The real worst break up technique is getting someone ELSE to break up with the person for you. amirite?

What about getting someone else to break up with the person via text message?

Few things in life feel worse than that split second just before you vomit. amirite?

you're body trying to force you to vomit when you have nothing in you to vomit is pretty terrible

Llamas with Hats: What in the world is wrong with Carl, amirite?

He's a dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence.
I don't understand how you keep forgetting that.