The police definitely didn't have to shoot and kill all of the animals that escaped in Zanesville, Ohio. They should have used non-lethal methods to recapture them, amirite?

Can't we all just be happy they didn't shoot the damn camels?

There should be an immediate cure for depression, amirite?
Drake and Josh didn't really have to act,they just spazzed a lot, amirite?


Ever since the Spongebob Movie came out, the new episodes aren't as funny as the old. amirite?

I said the same exact thing earlier to my friend.

The worst place to be ichy, is in the nose, amirite?

I read this as I was itching my nose.

It is going to be strange in 40 years, when musicians like Avenged Sevenfold, The Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga will become categorized as "Oldies", amirite?
I'm not the only one who thought the saying "prima donna" was "pre-madonna" as a kid, amirite?

I actually learned this Saturday. (yes, two days ago) My world is upside-down.

Finn the human from Adventure Time doesn't look much like a human, amirite?

It's a pillow with limbs.

Pokemon is so unrealistic. Who the hell names their kid "Ash"? amirite?
When we were little, we thought the capital of America was New York City, Amirite?

Nope,but I always thought Washington D.C. was the Capitol of Washington state when I was little.

The ending to Mockingjay felt a little bit rushed. You'd think the author would write a bit more on the whole plot line of Katniss choosing either Peeta or Gale- even if it was just half a chapter. But it seemed to work out just too fast and the other character was just kind of brushed off without a real goodbye. amirite?

Book three was just boring overall compared the the first two. :/

I hate it when I'm eating something and somebody tells me how bad it is for me. What I eat definitely isn't your business, amirite?

Unless you happen to have diabetes.

It would be funny if a devout catholic went to heaven, only to realize that God is really a Black Lesbian woman, amirite?
I always hear people say,"FML!" It's really annoying because they actually have nothing wrong with them. They just didn't get what they wanted. Other people have it worst, amirite?

Hello twelve year olds on Facebook.

The songs without lyrics, the ones that make people feel a range of emotions purely through melody, those are what should be the highest praised form of music, amirite?