Pluto is not a planet. Science is a bit more important than appeasing a bunch of 90s kids, amirite?

"When I was a kid, Pluto was planet and we played with sticks, not iPads!"

I wish all of these people would shut the fuck up. They're worse than trolls.

why is it that when a girl comments on another girl's Facebook photo saying "omg your so beautiful" they're not considered lesbian but if a guy said to another guy "oh you look good in this picture" he would be called gay right away, amirite?

I've told other guys that they look good in pictures and no one has called me gay...even though I am gay.

A large percentage of guys in their teens don't want a relationship, they just want sex. amirite?

Oh are we stating the obvious now?
Cows go moo

The best books to reread are the Harry Potter books because then you can see all the crazy foreshadowing you missed when reading them the first time. Like in Chamber of Secrets: "holy shit, Harry feels close to the diary because they're both Horcruxs, how did I miss that?", amirite?
See that pregnant teen over there? She was raped. See that guy doing his homework from last night? He convinced his friend out of suicide. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for our country. See that guy who is sobbing? His mother is dying. See that show-off guy? He's standing up to bullies. See that fat woman? She has a health problem. Don't judge people if you don't know their life. ... amirite?

See that beautiful woman over there? She marries old men and then kills them for the insurance money. See that kind man helping a small child? He's a child molester. See that adorable little boy? He punched his mother in the stomach yesterday causing her to miscarry. See that lovely and polite gentleman? He runs a white power organisation in his spare time.


Guys: you like girls that are hot. If she's a slut, it's just an added bonus. amirite?

Sluts are only good for looking at. Think about it, it'd be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.