Everyone has that one dong that they will always love no matter what, amirite?
Who's to blame? Dinkleberg. Amirite?

Sue's to Blane! Doesn't anyone read the credits?

You know there are plenty of fish in the sea, but you wanted the shark, amirite?

A shark is a type of fish...?

Yep. My favorite is gay porn. Guys just look like they're having more fun.

And if guys can get off to lesbian porn, then why not, right?

Tom Cruise is so melodramatic in all of his movies, amirite?

Tropic Thunder

You find it ironic that people stand for "standing up for what you believe in, no matter what people think." Unless it's pop music or Twilight, then they think you suddenly suck at life no matter what and you should go die. amirite?

I hold an issue with people who become manic over it. I don't hate people if they enjoy it, because everybody's got their own opinion. It's when they attack other people for not liking something (be it Twilight, pop music, Harry Potter, etc) that I get judgey.

absolutely anything in the world can legitimately be used as a weapon. amirite?
@fieldhockeychick77 A single speck of dirt?

If it got in someone's eye, on purpose seeing as it's a weapon, and they were on a tall building, and got so distracted that they fell off?

It's weird how car dealers start selling next years models this year, amirite?

It's like selling next month's magazine this month, I think.

It would suck if your having awesome sex with your giflfriend, then she gets her period. amirite?

If it's that awesome, whatever blood flow there would be is slowed down anyway. So unless your penis is a razor, there's not a whole lot to worry about.

Your favorite character always dies, amirite?
You have a scary nightmare from your childhood that you still remember, amirite?

I was dressed up like Jasmine and I had to fight Beetlejuice.

Abstinence only education is just like "hold it" potty training. amirite?

If their schools/mentors/parents don't teach them, how on earth are they supposed to know that there are things meant to keep them safer during sex?

It's crazy to think that Thomas Jefferson wrote the entire Declaration of Independence without an eraser or Wite-out, amirite?
The logic of our legal system: OJ Simpson - not guilty. Casey Anthony - not guilty. 14 year old girl downloading last night's episode of Glee - There's a special place in Hell for people like you, amirite?
@runnerdude But OJ was found innocent. And there wasn't enough evidence to convict Anthony. And the girl is guilty of a crime...

No, he was found "not guilty." It's impossible for the legal system to find someone "innocent," since the two have very different legal meanings.

You have lied about being on your period before to get out of having sex, amirite?

I've never wanted to get out of having sex... wary smilie