god is real if someone come from the futer,god is not real if no one comes from the futer and we made the time macne also we were first than the futer, amirite?
Hey, that post has the word "rape" in it. Time to play America's favorite game, How Long Until Some Anonymous Prick Makes an Oversensitive Comment About How Offended They Are, amirite?


When you fall asleep with the tv on, you generally expect it to be on when you wake up. And it's kind of offensive if somebody's turned it off. It's like their way of saying “ Since you cant be trusted to turn off things when you use them....I came and saved us 1.27$ on our utility bill, you worthless bag of sleep !”, amirite?

Or they're thinking "Gee, something loud could come on and wake them up. I better turn it off for them."

The logic of our legal system: OJ Simpson - not guilty. Casey Anthony - not guilty. 14 year old girl downloading last night's episode of Glee - There's a special place in Hell for people like you, amirite?
@runnerdude But OJ was found innocent. And there wasn't enough evidence to convict Anthony. And the girl is guilty of a crime...

No, he was found "not guilty." It's impossible for the legal system to find someone "innocent," since the two have very different legal meanings.

I can celebrate Christmas even though I am not a Christian, amirite?
@KateJoseph28 My cousins are fully Jewish, they go to temple and all made their Bar Mitzvahs and they still celebrate Christmas...

Actually, the pine trees came from Yule traditions, since it was supposed to dispel bad spirits or demons, and Saint Nick is part of Christian lore, but like most other things about the holiday, he's been commercialized.

The worst reply to "Mon père est mort" during a French speaking exam is "Bien", amirite?

Les francophones, unissons!

Sports would be a lot more interesting and a lot more extreme if they were to the death, amirite?
Girls: No matter what his personal life was like, you thought Michael Jackson was sexy at one point or another in his life, amirite?

80s Michael was extremely attractive.

I wonder if the guy who played Glen Coco ever thought his character would become this popular, amirite?

I mean, he did get four candy canes...

If you became the opposite gender for one day, peeing would be so weird, amirite?

Getting awkward random boners would be quite the interesting experience...

Don't tell me i don't know what love is. Juliet was 14 when she died for her love. amirite?

Ditto on the above, not to mention that the play was written as a satire on gooey emotional plays of the time.

50 Japanese nuclear engineers are staying behind at the Fukushima Power Plant to try and prevent a nuclear meltdown. They are getting the same amount of radiation per hour that a nuclear engineer receives in his/her ENTIRE career. These people are true heroes. amirite?
@Mary These guys are basically dead men walking. I've heard there's more engineers who have volunteered to go in if/when...

And around the world. If the reactors go, the radiation could spread to other countries pretty rapidly.

To Girls: Please don't tell guys "Oh yeah, I play COD." and expect us to be like "OMFG THAT'S SO HOT MARRY ME." because we don't give a shit. amirite?

Oh yeah, I play OCD. I've got a pretty sweet organization score, just sayin'

Laptops freak you out. Like, where's the wire to the Internet? What is this witchcraft, amirite?

No wire goes in, internet comes out. You can't explain that!