What if ideas are finite? There can only be so many ideas in the world. Eventually we'll have to hit an idea capacity, where every idea has been thought of, and every idea thought of after that has been thought by someone else already, amirite?

That's a pretty scary thought

In 70 years you'll hear old men telling their grandkids "Y'know, I pwnd many noobs in my day." and "What ever happened to screamo bands? That was real music.", amirite?

Our grandkids in 70 years will think we're crazy when we mention Cee-lo Green, Lupe Fiasco, Katy Perry, or Eminem,. They'll KNOW we've gone crazy when we talk about Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber.

A lot of you here are going to be up at midnight on July 15th, amirite?

I really want to see it, but you've gotta admit it-the books are way better than the movies

Pictures are lies. People pretend to be happy and put on a forced smile for those 5 seconds they are posing. People don't take pictures when they are having a hard time in life, unless they're professional photographers. amirite?
@starke or they're you, lil miss mugshot

actually, my mugshots dont tell lies lol

The good thing about fairy tales is that the prince always falls in love with the beautiful, pretty girl. Not the hot, slutty one. amirite?

Good question, but that wasn't the point I was trying to make.

When you're sitting in class and the cool kids in the back of the room burst into laughter, sometimes you worry if they might be laughing about you. amirite?

Those cool kids aren't very cool if they're laughing at you. Besides, who cares what they think? You're your own person, be proud of it and don't let other people shape you or your actions.

You've always wanted to walk away from an explosion without looking, like a badass, Amirite?

check out 'cool guys don't look at explosions' on youtube :)

You've never seen anyone at a wedding stand up and say the couple should not be married, amirite?

except taylor swift in speak now

Humans would look really creepy with catlike eyes, amirite?

Not if we all had cat eyes. Then people would look weird with human eyes.

When most people grow up, they go to college, get a job as a banker or businessman, have a family, and live in a small suburb near their parents. But I wanna fall out of this cycle and live a life worth living. I wanna move to the mountains, and live every day like its my last. My goal (for right now) is to break out of this mold and actually DO something. amirite?

i've already been called a loser many times in my life...a few thousand more won't hurt

Spaghetti is the white shirt's worst nightmare, amirite?

More like the spaghetti sauce

Why do little girls carry purses around? What do they need to carry, diapers? amirite?
@ilikefurrywolves4815 nowadays, probably their iphones.

yeah, i know right? the world is just turning sadder and sadder

like childbirth, for example.

There's literally nothing worse than having a relative with Alzheimer's, amirite?

It may not be literally the worst thing, but this post is much more meaningful to the people who have/ had very close relatives with alzheimers.

Everyone should be able to do one cardtrick, tell two jokes, and recite a poem, in case they are ever trapped in an elevator, amirite?
@starke yup

Lemony Snicket is best at defining words :) when I can't find a dictionary, I just pick up one of his books