There's literally nothing worse than having a relative with Alzheimer's, amirite?

It may not be literally the worst thing, but this post is much more meaningful to the people who have/ had very close relatives with alzheimers.

The two celebs you would love to have as grandparents: Betty White and William Shatner. amirite?

Richard Harris all the way!

Humans would look really creepy with catlike eyes, amirite?

Not if we all had cat eyes. Then people would look weird with human eyes.

You know your 18-year-old brother's bored when he's watching a Hannah Montana marathon, amirite?

Gang war.
Gang war.

Even though people consider it to be great art, you don't think that broken statues of naked people are that great, amirite?

I've been to the Louvre, and I didn't say that it was easy to make a statue. In fact, I appreciate the work and skill needed to make one. I'm just saying that, to me, it's not the prettiest thing to look at. And it's just my opinion.

When you're sitting in class and the cool kids in the back of the room burst into laughter, sometimes you worry if they might be laughing about you. amirite?

Those cool kids aren't very cool if they're laughing at you. Besides, who cares what they think? You're your own person, be proud of it and don't let other people shape you or your actions.

I'm starting to think Morgan Freeman might actually BE God, amirite?

I love Morgan Freeman- he's an awesome actor

Eyebrows really make a difference in a person's appearance, amirite?

Perfect faces for a new zombie movie...

It's weird but cool and slightly useless that that colored duct (or duck) tape comes in sheets, amirite?
@Bundle Like, in staples, (I dont know what country you're in or if they have Staples there or whatever) that brand Duck...

I live in Illinois, lol, but i don't really shop that much. But I get it, i just looked it up in google images thx

Its so annoying when your friend gets mad because you dont sit with them for one day but when they do it and you say something they get even more pissed off going 'I can sit with other people' yet they get mad when you do it and say the same. amirite?

Girls as friends can be so annoying sometimes

Who decided that a tie on a man is "dressing up"? Think about it, the concept of a thin strip of material tied around your neck is weird. amirite?

You could say that with just about anything lol

I feel kind of bad for Harry. I mean, how would YOU like it if someone tried to squash the magic out of you? amirite?
@starke I love you

(starke):Uhh i love you too..

Why do little girls carry purses around? What do they need to carry, diapers? amirite?
@ilikefurrywolves4815 nowadays, probably their iphones.

yeah, i know right? the world is just turning sadder and sadder

The U.S. is like an out of control bird whose left and right wings refuse to work together to allow it to fly, amirite?
  • An overweight bird
You know exactly what dinosaur you would get if you could ever have one as a pet, amirite?
@katiee Triceratops! That was my favorite from Land Before Time

lol, Cera always made me scared when I was little :)