About me.

I'm not saying my name on here. Call me Lady Gaga, or Henry, or Sally, or whatever you want. It'll probably be wrong.

I'm that one girl standing next to the other girl in my profile picture.

I'm a libertarian. I'm pro-choice, pro-gay marriage. Honestly, I don't care who is
what, just as long as you're happy and you don't intrude on my happiness.

I'm officially graduated! y smilie I'm smart and stuff!

Je parle francais. Je ne parle pas francais bien, mais je parle francais!

I will try my absolute hardest to not correct your grammar, but I probably will.

If I'm not doing anything productive with my life (which I usually am not), you can find me watching
-Criminal Minds (Reid! Woo!)
-The Big Bang Theory
-Family Guy
-The Ellen Degeneres Show
-World's Dumbest
-New Girl
-Raising Hope

or you can find me listening to
-Aaron Kelly
-Keith Urban
-Mumford & Sons
-Allstar Weekend
-Young the Giant
-Adele (Yes, I'm a typical girl.)
-Matt and Kim
-Kris Allen
-Mike Tompkins
-Bo Burnham (Don't judge!)
-One Direction (Also don't judge!)
-The Beatles
-Three Days Grace
-Fall Out Boy (Well, I used to listen to them. You know, back in my middle school punk rock years.)

I look up to:
-My friends
-Taylor Swift
-Matthew Gray Gubler
-Ellen Degeneres
-Conan O'Brien
-Demi Lovato
-Darren Criss
-Josh Sundquist

If I ever use "real talk" or "truth" or "jersday" in a normal conversation unsarcastically, you preserve the right to figure out where I live and punch me in the face with a crowbar.
If you don't know where I live...ask Garcia to find out.