It's kind of creepy that there's a seafood restaurant at Sea World, amirite?

That's what they do to the bad fishies who don't listen. :P

They are planning to make a helmet that someone can wear and what the person thinks will be typed out on a computer. Imagine someone with ADD using that to write an essay. "Shakespeare was a very HEY WHEN DID THAT GET THERE?!", amirite?

"Macbeth is a very well written plaSOMEONE IS CHATTING WITH ME ON FACEBOOKy. Lady Macbeth was very persuasOH THAT GUY LOOKS HOTive..."

Girls: Walking into a social event and seeing a girl wearing the same dress as you is a kind of horror you wouldn't even wish onto your ememy, amirite?

I usually look better in it anyway ;)

To Michigan students: You're really glad that we start school after labor day, amirite?
@LearningCurve UNFAIR.

we get out in the middle of june, though...and michigan sucks balls so we have like 68761321 snow days. :(

When you come home for a weekend from college, it's weird because you have to pack to go home, amirite?
@partinobodycular I never packed. I just brought all my laundry and washed it the night I got home, so I'd have clean clothes ready...

I only packed my homework, my laundry, and a few clothes items. Then, I realized when I got home that I had clothes here haha

How to be: Canadian. Say "eh" at the end of every sentence. Jamacian. Say "mon" at the end of every sentence. American. Say "with fries" at the end of every sentence, amirite?

Fuck your mom, eh!
Fuck your mom, mon!
Fuck your mom, with fries!

You hate the awkward moment when a cheerleader gets dropped, amirite?
My friend got a texting app on her iPod that gives her the area code of a Californian (we live in Michigan) and has been texting her crush without telling him who she is, but still telling him exactly what is going in her real Michigan life. This is lying and if she doesn't tell her crush who she is, it'll bite her in the ass, amirite?
It's cute when an elementary school boy tells you you're pretty. It's creepy and weird when an 8th/9th grader does it. amirite?
The song Teach Me How to Dougie by California Swag District doesn't teach you how to dougie, amirite?
You sometimes wonder what you'd be like if your parents HAD gone with that other name, amirite?

Raelynn instead of (insert my name) :P I would rather have Raelynn

You always hear of the girl changing for the guy, but what about the guy changing for the girl? amirite?
@GreatValue In reality no one should have to change. That's the beauty of love. You love the other person for who they are, not...

I totally agree with this statement, but a lot of dumb bitches in my school doesn't realize this! lol

"Whatever doesn't kill me only makes me stronger." How about you try telling that to the night who got all his arms and legs cut off in Monty Python, amirite?

he'll still bleed on you

You hate it when you microwave something and the plate ends up being hotter than the actual food. amirite?
@xtabithaxo omg! that's happened to me too :(

my mom started yelling at me, like what was I supposed to do? let it scald my hand? haha

It's really annoying when girls think evey guy who talks to them wants to have sex with them, amirite?