When you were younger, there were things that happened that made you believe Santa really WAS real, like, all the cookies being gone, and thinking you hear something on the roof, amirite?

Holy shit, Santa's not real?

Did they ever find the bed intruder? amirite?

I hope so; my kids and wife are tired of being in hiding.

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The good thing about being a guy is that you always have a place to hang your shower loofah while you shampoo, amirite?
Quality over quantity; remember 4 quarters is better than 100 pennies. amirite?

but if i have 100 pennies thats 96 more people i can throw things at

The best plot twist: Finding Nemo 2 is actually about Nemo undertaking a spiritual journey to find himself, amirite?

That reminds me of a joke about Toy Story 4: "Pixar says Toy Story 4 is about Hamm, the piggy bank, being turned upside down as executives try to shake every dime out of the franchise."

You shouldn't give money to homeless people, if they want money they should get a job, if you want to help them you should help them get a job, but don't just give them cash, that won't really help them, amirite?

Sometimes you don't have the ability to get them a job. You also commonly need a house and nice clothes for people to even consider you for a job, or else people with thing you're going to steal from the store.


When my great-grandmother was in her 60's and lived in a New York apartment, there was a homeless man she passed every day on her way to work. Every day she gave him $5 on her way to work, and $5 on her way back. About 10 years ago, when my aunt was wheeling her on the subway, a man in a suit stopped my aunt and explained that he was the homeless man, and thanks to the money she gave him, he was able to get back on his feet, get an apartment and a steady job. My great-grandmother wasn't able to give him a good job, but she gave what she could, and it changed this man's life. She died in 2005, and that man also came to her funeral.

Girls should shave "down there" amirite?

Haha! Hair doesn't even naturally grow on my feet!

Small tits have just as many advantages as big tits, amirite?

Big tits are more assertive and can better establish territorial claims with other birds. Small tits have an easier time catching bugs since they are more agile in the air.


It's awkward when someone has an almost-mustache, amirite?

Yeah, Mindy should work on that.

The real reason that women never propose is that as soon as they get down on one knee men start unzipping, amirite?

"You might as well propose to me."

Pixar is making Finding Nemo 2... How could they lose Nemo again? amirite?

Nemo is a teenager and wanted to touch more butts

Your favorite sex position is the one when you stare blankly at a computer screen for hours at a fucking time and sob uncontrollably because you're all alone and nobody loves you, amirite?

"The Post of the Day is the very first post you see when you come to amirite, so we try to make it something that really shows what amirite is all about." Yeah basically.

It's a lot harder to say your ABCs of cuss words than you think, amirite?

YOLO (honestly, this one's worse than nigger)

Alright, I had to stretch on quite a few of these...

You think porn should be banned, amirite?
@Rashed If you up vote or down vote please state why you think so! I really learn everyone's perspective on that subject.

TailsTurrosaki: wow you are a master of debate. "That's stupid. Stop." I mean, who could disagree with that? Why did no one tell this to Hitler? we could have prevented the Holocaust, people.

When playing Sims, you get frustrated when your characters waste time playing computer games instead of socializing or improving skills. Then you shut up. Amirite?

It's alright. If they want to improve their charisma, they can just practice in the mirror, because everyone knows that nothing makes you better with people than talking at your reflection for five hours straight.