@open_mind_open_soul Public haha

Ohh okay :). Then it should be somewhat easier...too bad for me though :(. Ugh I have the other option.

It would've been better if they kept Osama Bin Laden alive for questioning, amirite?
@verticallychallenged There would probably loads more plots of terrorism to try and break him free, and it would just mean they would...

XD I like your Waldo comparison. Okay fine thats true...but I sort of typed this right when I found out about this.

Some people are really annoying on amirite. They take your sarcastic votes so literally! amirite?

Take my yogurt and 2012 post as an example. Argh

Who the hell is Anthony? Seriously i'm confused, why do people keep on posting about a guy named Anthony. amirite?

Ohh. I wasn't being funny. I was being super curious

The pringles man and the monopoly man look like relatives. amirite?

OKAY! PlZ I get it

Putting your status as skypeme, is more like putting it on CREEPY PEDOPHILES ARE WELCOME mode, amirite?
@DanielJames Oh, I thought you meant FB status. I don't even know what skypeme mode is.

I think its...like anyone can chat with u status. Like people can look you up, and then skype you or something. Idk. All I know is that i'm not doing that again! I just saw a guys dick, I swear on accident when I accepted a call. Who knew.

Guys: Girls should only have hair on their head, amirite?
Sometimes you want to say "If you send me ANOTHER request from farmville i'm going to turn your sheep into Uggs!" after the 10 millionth you have received __ from ___ in farmville. amirite?

This is in consideration of dearblankpleaseblank.

Animal testing may be wrong, but letting thousands of people die from possibly curable diseases is worse. amirite?
@Thank god I'm not the only person who thinks this.

OH PHEW!!! I thought I was a crazy lunatic murderer. XD

Whenever you dream, its in the third person (you're watching yourself), amirite?

My dreams...are usually 3rd person but sometimes its 1st.

Guys: Girls should only have hair on their head, amirite?
Even though flats look really comfy to wear, they hurt like HELL when you actually try breaking them in, amirite?
Blueberries aren't peas holding their breaths, they're pregnant raisins. amirite?

Thanks for the grammar correction :)

(in facebook) "Add as friend." has gone from meaning "add as friend" to "add if you heard this name before", amirite?

hehe yes! It became..more like a who has more friends contest.

igPay atinLay isay wesomeAay, miriteAy? amirite?

I have a pig latin translator as a widget on my Macbook. I do love it! haha I like to count it as a second language.