Holding poop in is easier than holding pee in, amirite?

I love getting held <3

Sometimes on Facebook, you see a post and want to "like" it but then realize you don't know them well enough so you decide not to, amirite?

I still like the posts :). But I have a feeling people are thinking "WHO the heck is that?"

When you were little you liked to eat/drink coffee cream by itself, amirite?

How is this -40!! I love coffee cream. When I was little, I used to get trouble for sneak eating it. And I always had these dreams where I could have a gallon to myself. Maybe I was just addicted to it? Lol.

That movie Black Swan could double to be a horror/porn, amirite?
@TalkingRice Please tell me the details D: (marks down next movie to watch)


  • Theres a lesbian scene
  • Guy on girl scene
  • Kinda hilarious masturbation scene done by a girl
  • And a few others.
    But watch out don't get to into it, there was this guy and girl scene when suddenly a creepy statue face popped out. I screamed and sort of jumped out of the chair. Classy huh?
Tangled is the LAST disney princess movie EVER...due to children now disliking princess's and their growing obsession with more slutty stuff. This made you sigh upon this generation of children, amirite?
@Tater Well, I'm one year older than you so I'm pretty sure I know what's going on in kids minds as well. If you looked at...

Then understand this quote that was taken off of my sour ce. You can't deny what was already on another trustable sour ce. And that is true, I can't ask every little kid. But just...look at the change of clothing that is o c c u r i n g.
" The other reason, frighteningly, is that young girls consider themselves too cool to want to be princesses.
Media critic Dafna Lemish, who has written about the influence of film and television on children, said in the same article, "By the time they're 5 or 6, [girls are] not interested in being princesses. They're interested in being hot, in being cool. Clearly, they see this is what society values." (That's right: A girl born in 2005 already is worrying about how "hot" she is. Have fun with that, moms and dads of the world.)" - The other reason, frighteningly, is that young girls consider themselves too cool to want to be princesses."

How to cure hunger in Africa: A kind of underground chute that we throw our veggies in. Yucky Veggie go in chute --> Veggie appear in Africa. YAY. amirite?
@Magestic_merman Its fine. You might have just solved the cure for hunger...

Haha thanks again. I doubt it, it'll be hilarious though if this actually happens one day. I call thinking of this =). Jk

I just drank a bottle of coke from the bottom of my fridge labeled "Christmas 1998"... I'm gonna get sick, amirite?
@Maximumnerd Highest price I've found is $18... Not bad for a bottle of coke, but... I might just drink the other one later and...

Oh ahaha. Opps. Dang, I didn't do any research. I just knew about that toast story. But hey hold unto it for another 50 years lol.

A lot of people voted for Obama, just because he was African American, amirite?

Ancient LoL. Hilary didn't even come close to winning..but umm I actually did want her to win. Since she was a woman. Guess you're right about that one.

Girls: Who cares about the HUGE secret to penises, we hold the key to letting guy use it. amirite?
Girls: you find it really hot when a guy hasn't showered in weeks, amirite?

Yeah ur so not trolling all right

you didn't know about amirite hangman(amirite.net/hangman) amirite?

DAMMMN I aM a newBBBB!! I didn't know about amirite chat, and now theres hangman!!! WOAH.

If you can't beat them, kick 'em in the balls and run, amirite?

Totally what I do. lol.

77 percent of anti-abortion leaders are men, 100 percent of them will never be pregnant, amirite?
@asdijojioiojioxj then let's give the baby rights too...it's the babies body afterall...

What if the parent can't afford to pay for the baby? Then they just bring the baby into the world, too just suffer? And its the mothers choice, most of the times the guys just run off and leave the girl with the baby. I'm not totally with abortion either, if people can afford to pay and they want to abort the baby. I'm not with that. But what if its like a rape baby? Or what if they can barely pay for themselves? Thought about it that way...?

They misread the Mayan calendar by 50-100 years! Look it up, its for real. Haha I proved u wrong peoples that believed in it. amirite?

This is for real! I saw a couple articles about it. Phew this is relieving...

Girls: Sometimes you feel bad because you have to pretend to guys that you have your period each month. They probably know it's a myth and that we have them only each couple of years. amirite?
@Shhh, girls, shhh! If the guys can keep their secrets, then so can we.

(Never telling.): I'll try! But I already told to the 2nd secret to someone on here via message. Opps? The person PROMISED not to tell.