We tell kids to follow their dreams and then criticize them for getting "useless" degrees. amirite?

If a parent said "follow your dreams no matter the cost to you", they are terrible parents.

We could not possibly imagine what it is like after death. amirite?
Since most elderly people are orphans, that makes retirement homes orphanages, amirite?

And usually a forever home too

ashesAre basically a dotZip version of that person, amirite?

A corrupt zip, because you can't unzip, not even open it.

In the world, 13 in 10 people don't know how to count. amirite?

I see, you must be three out of those two people who can't count

Everyone who is alive has woken up every day but many people are not good at it. amirite?

This one American guy started up for 10 days straight

People that travel the world, probably haven't travelled their own neighborhoods thoroughly. amirite?
We associate red with hot and blue with cold when it is, in fac,t the complete opposite, amirite?

I hate it when my sunburn is blue.

We're entertained on a daily basis from different arrangements of red, blue, and green lights. amirite?

Unless you're blind.

Before we know it, we'll be able to game on our phones. amirite?
We sleep for almost half of our lives... amirite?

So people with insomnia get to live the longest?

A near-empty phone battery causes more panic than a near-empty gas tank, amirite?
Guns are used as a decoy to avoid talking about mental health, because they know that conversation will take down the trans movement which is a mental disorder, amirite?

Yes and fire trucks are red because they are always rushin around and Russians are red.

You'll catch the spiders that aren't good at hiding. You'll never catch the ones that are great at hiding. amirite?

True with everything, like STDs.

when someone tell you to watch jojo you usually refuse until you don't have anithing to do and then watch it, but when ypu watch it you turn into the person who tell other to watch jojos, amirite?

How many episodes does it have on total?