I can celebrate Christmas even though I am not a Christian, amirite?
Those stretchy book covers can make pretty snazzy hats, amirite?

"I am the batman!"

"Best friends", shouldn't try to tell you what you are and what your not, amirite?

"You are my best friend"


It's very easy to get caught up in a game of Monopoly and take it personally, amirite?

I have yet to complete game of Monopoly for this very reason.

It frustrates you when you're driving on the highway and you see those billboards that say "prty plz dnt txt n drv!!!" and you almost crash into the car in front of you while you're trying to figure out what the hell it says. amirite?

I think it's telling you to party instead of texting while driving.

Teacher: "Now what was the artist FEELING when he painted this?" How the hell would I know? amirite?

He was feeling a paintbrush, probably.

Convenience charge? More like a convenient way to rip us off, amirite?

I was at an amusement park in the middle of Summer, and in the middle of a VERY long line, there was a vending machine selling water for $4 for half of a liter. :I I'll just die thirsty and $4 richer...

You want to know what it would be like to be a tree. amirite?

I honestly expected to see some comments about ponies here, looks like I'm barking up the wrong tree.

They should make fortune cookie-flavored ice cream, amirite?

Whenever I am at a buffet with Asian food, I get a bowl of ice-cream and sprinkle crushed bits of my fortune cookie on top of it.

If your last name was Pepper, you would do everything in your ability to become a turtle. amirite?

Or what about Sergeant Pepper?

There needs to be a flash drive that you can connect to your mind to where you dont have to spend hours memorizing the work, and you can still do well on all of your tests and papers. Just look up the information, save it on the flash drive, stick it in your head, do your work, and eject so you dont overload. amirite?

This reminds me of the Matrix.

It's gross to think that your parents are still sexually active...or even your grandparents...amirite?


The smaller the seat the more expensive the bike. amirite?

I got a banana seat bike once for free. Granted, it was pretty rusty, and made for a small kid, but I enjoyed those three days before it broke.

I bet the Dodo bird tasted delicious, amirite?
Coolest thing about Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house: No dishes, and no unwanted leftovers, amirite?

Despite me having no friends. :I