Soon enough, kids wont need to learn how to tie their shoes, there'll be an app for that, amirite?

According to Back to the Future 2, in five years we'll have shoes that tie themselves.

Metal Gear Solid fans; SOPA reminds you of how the Patriots censor the Internet, amirite?

Sadly, I've never played any of the Metal Gear games. All I have to say is 'DAMN YOU TOM BRADY!!'

When someone actually says "hilare", "ador", or "gorge", you just want to hit them with a club, amirite?
It's very easy to get caught up in a game of Monopoly and take it personally, amirite?

I have yet to complete game of Monopoly for this very reason.

The smaller the seat the more expensive the bike. amirite?

I got a banana seat bike once for free. Granted, it was pretty rusty, and made for a small kid, but I enjoyed those three days before it broke.

Tourette's must have been really hard to explain a few hundred years ago. amirite?


Those stretchy book covers can make pretty snazzy hats, amirite?

"I am the batman!"

It frustrates you when you're driving on the highway and you see those billboards that say "prty plz dnt txt n drv!!!" and you almost crash into the car in front of you while you're trying to figure out what the hell it says. amirite?

I think it's telling you to party instead of texting while driving.

Their stupid arms get in the way.

Tang is delicious, amirite?

All depends on context. I personally love the drink.

Teacher: "Now what was the artist FEELING when he painted this?" How the hell would I know? amirite?

He was feeling a paintbrush, probably.

Pikachu is like the face of Pokemon, yet it's rarely ever seen anymore, considering there're over 5,000 of them now. amirite?

I love how all of the comments up to this point are very negative.

Fun fact: Clefairy would've been the face of Pokemon if Pikachu wasn't.

Barbecue sauce is to steak sauce as hot fudge is to chocolate syrup, amirite?
@Sahara9189495514 I don't get this post at all!

They are very different things, yet many get them mixed up.

You prefer when people don't use abbreviations like lol and wtf in posts. amirite?

Including this one? Hahah, jk. SeewhatIdidthere?

The TV in your house is 3D, amirite?

My TV is technically in three dimensions, but displays a flat picture. I feel obliged not to vote.