If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
@AntiJokeChicken I don't understand this site anymore.

try Google translators.. it's pretty neat and updated!!

Everybody has a dream, amirite?
Not doing anything with my life is surprisingly time consuming., amirite?

find something which is time consuming

Why do farts smell ?? For benefit of the deaf
Christmas is about so much more than just getting presents, amirite?

what a post

Remember the kids that won't make it home this Christmas.. DEDICATED TO THE KIDS OF CONNECTICUT
@BetterThanEzra1119 They will make it home. They are already home.

i am not a christian, but i believe there is a heaven.. yes, they are home

Some people need to refresh their memories on the definition of "opinion", amirite?

Refresh their onions.. Yeah.. Makes its better

Research shows that, when someone shouts "Oh no he didn't!", he in fact did.

Ban whale meat

There have been Queen songs you know, but didn't realize it was Queen. Amirite?

name one!

Punctuality is the art of waiting for other late and careless people

what a post

If you know someone being physically and/or emotionally abused by their parent, you should tell someone immediately. It's not about "keeping the family together" or "taking their parent from them" it's about keeping the child safe.

What a POST

i had the best day ever, I ran into my ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend.......With my car.

what a post

There is no age limit to whether or not a person has experienced life, amirite?

its not when it comes to reality

The average lifespan of a mobile phone is a complete joke, they're not made to last and nobody seems to care because it lets them buy the new shiniest model in the store guilt free, amirite?

i don't think so.. what if that phone gets an program bug in its software !!

Sometimes you're in a "I'm going to analyze my life and find purpose" mood and sometimes you're in a more "I don't give a fuck, yolo", mood, amirite?

xolo is a new smartphone introduced by Intel.