You would share a guy or girl with your best friend, amirite?

only if i wasn't that hungry anymore

It's so cute when teachers give second semester seniors homework, and actually expect them to do it. Then when they get mad at us for skipping school! It's just so adorable! I mean really wtf do we look like? Freshmen? Amirite?

Think you'd look cute in a McDonald's uniform?

Everything happens for a reason, eh? Try telling that to the little boy whose parents beat him, the rape victim, and the starving orphan. I say that's a load of crap, amirite?

little boy whose parents beat him = if they didn't beat him he would've got killed by a car

the rape victim = was gonna get rammed by a car

the starving orphan = if he was fed he was gonna get pummeled by a car

Girls: Walking into a social event and seeing a girl wearing the same dress as you is a kind of horror you wouldn't even wish onto your ememy, amirite?

I do wish it on my enemy wth

You hate it when your, dog/cat/whatever pet, farts in your face, amirite?

it's like a breath of fresh air

George Zimmerman probably didn't shoot Trayvon because he was black, but because he was a teenager, amirite?

no because he wanted those skittles!

I think this meme needs to lay off those noodles tho

Whatever you do in life, always give 100%... unless you're donating blood, amirite?
2 Girls, I Cup, Goatse, and other internet shock images/videos are disgusting and will scar for you life, but at least you can trick other people into watching them.amirite?
It's possible to be in love with more than one person, amirite?

okay bella

I would love a lollipop like that __^

Guys: You like to eat pussy, amirite?

You eat cat?gross dude.

Misreading posts then commenting on them is probably the most sure-fire way to make yourself look like an idiot on Amirite, am I right?

what the hell did you say about my mom

We should be able to vote on comments, amirite?

we should get right on it.

When you hear "evil," You think of some Swedish person with a black lab coat holding a cat, not some 'gangsta' with a gun, amirite?

I think of mermaid man saying EVIL