It would probably be very satisfying to fall apart like a skeleton after stretching, amirite?

no thanks I'll stick to having intact limbs

Eventually there will be so much plastic in our foods, a real life Barbie will be born. amirite?

Her name is Kim Kardashian.

Girls can wear guys clothes and still look good, but guys can have long hair and look good. amirite?
Every time Superman rips his shirt open revealing his iconic "S", do all the buttons break off? Or is he moving so fast, he strategically unbuttons each button, preserving the integrity of his button down shirt. amirite?

It is not the shirt that rips. It is you.

As of 2019, checking people's IDs for whether they're 18 or not is really easy as you just need to check whether they were born in 2000 or before. amirite?

I was born 2001 and I'm 18...

If people couldn't hold in farts they'd be way more motivated to eat healthier, amirite?

Obviously not a vegan lol

A mistake is an accident that you accidentally do on purpose, amirite?

I guess, If that's what makes you feel better about yourself.

Many people are afraid of escalaters without knowing their fears aren't just over-worrying but well founded, amirite?
@Bedrockstar Explain?

There seems to be lots and lots of people that are fearful of them, but haven't seen justification for their fears. In truth there's been plenty of people killed by them and they are dangerous, but people don't require that knowledge to fear them if that makes sense?

A boner is a male-period, amirite?
when we are tobogganing we always talk more sincerely, even when we are in our own house and no one else is anywhere near, amirite?
Sex is dual masturbation. amirite?

No, 69 is dual masturbating. Sex is sex

Sex is an act with the same expected outome each time yet it fails to bore anyone and remains pleasurable. amirite?
@Thepigwithwings Just a fundamentally untrue statement

With time... but for the majority of people's lives it is, unless you're just not fond of the idea to begin with.

When you're injected by a needle you feel uncomfortable and slight pain, if that same feeling happened to you naturally you would shrug it off, amirite?

Wtf? No, I'd be more concerned. Like any normal person I'm sure.

We go to work to be able to pay rent for a place where most of the time we're not there, and when we're there most of that time we are asleep, amirite?

Nah I work from home. Here almost 24/7