A boner is a male-period, amirite?
when we are tobogganing we always talk more sincerely, even when we are in our own house and no one else is anywhere near, amirite?
Sex is dual masturbation. amirite?

No, 69 is dual masturbating. Sex is sex

Sex is an act with the same expected outome each time yet it fails to bore anyone and remains pleasurable. amirite?
@Thepigwithwings Just a fundamentally untrue statement

With time... but for the majority of people's lives it is, unless you're just not fond of the idea to begin with.

When you're injected by a needle you feel uncomfortable and slight pain, if that same feeling happened to you naturally you would shrug it off, amirite?

Wtf? No, I'd be more concerned. Like any normal person I'm sure.

We go to work to be able to pay rent for a place where most of the time we're not there, and when we're there most of that time we are asleep, amirite?

Nah I work from home. Here almost 24/7

Our testicles are nearly always in complete darkness, amirite?
Squirrels can't find 80% of the nuts they hide and that's how trees are planted. amirite?

Nuh Uh! God plants all the trees!

You can escape anything except the future, amirite?

Maybe your future was being dead, so then you can‘t escape that either

The reason cats can defy the laws of physics is because they intuitively understand physics, amirite?

Cat physicists?

The Hokey Cokey could be an irl cheat code for life but no one has truly finessed it yet, amirite?

You do the Hokey Cokey and you smash your head through a wall!

If an animal ever becomes smart enough to speak human languages it will instantly have the potential to become even smarter, amirite?

Humans are animals, and we can speak human languages. Does that make us smarter than humans?

An Italian plumber is the face of a Japanese tech company, amirite?

Who looks Mexican and speaks English

People often say when you waste food "People in Africa could have ate that" but in reality, the chances of that food ever making it to Africa is very unlikely, amirite?

I would offer to mail it to them, then my grandparents would tell me that's not ok, then they would laugh