It's been years since I've ______

felt like I've had a great night of sleep.


Oops - in that case, SH is the previous site that I was referring to. :)
Good seeing you again.

I remember you from the previous site! Welcome!

Post a song that reminds you of someone special

That was entertaining; thank you for sharing.

Post a song that reminds you of someone special
Post a song that reminds you of someone special

That is a touching song - thank you for sharing.

Distance matters not when two hearts are connected as one

Yep. I've had a long distance relationship before. It didn't work out, for a number of reasons, but the physical distance was not one of them.

I'd rather be at home, drinking water, or tea, or soda, or some fruit juice, or milk, or coffee, or hot chocolate, among other options.

Why don't men scream like women when they are scared?
@Lil_Princess Ya obviously never heard my best friend when I scared him once.

If the OP didn't hear your friend, then your friend didn't scream that loud to begin with, now did he?

(just kidding. lol.)

Who are you closest to?

Edited it in by popular demand. :D

(I hadn't even realized you could now just edit it! Convenient!)

Who are you closest to?
Who are you closest to?

hah, I forgot to include "yourself" as an option. :D

You laugh at your own jokes, amirite?

That's not a sign of mental instability at all. :P

I quite frankly don't know.
In principle, let's keep it traditional - coffin.
In such case, I hope it has a more comfortable shape than the one in that picture. Because that seems slightly claustrophobia-inducing.

The one that I have now.
He is a good person and a good boss.