This is insane. How can someone even do this? Don't you have any civility? How have we, as a society, came to a point where this happens?! I mean, who the fuck thought that mint and chocolate go along?! What did my taste buds ever done to you?!! Seriously. smh

I like chocolate-with-mint. xD

Here's a recipe for "brigadeiro": :D

Image in content

@Sofia Thank you After I'll eat some cake, it will be amazing no doubt

Awesome! Cake is definitely the best part about birthdays. :P

What's the last song that got pop up in your head?

Here is another example from the past:

YouTube video thumbnail

Incidentally, this also played in the final episode of a sitcom that I liked to watch.

It's fascinating. It's the language in constant change. And today, with social networks, you can track its evolution in unprecedented detail. Very cool stuff.

Despite our differences that seem to divide us more by the day, there are a few silly experiences we all have that we can laugh and joke about together. For example, we all have a "I had to pee SO bad" story. What's yours? Do you have your own "potty dance"?

Hello and welcome to Amirite!
Right now I can't remember anything special that happened to me in the "number 1" department, so I'll just share one that happened with my brother. It's not really a silly experience, but anyway.. :P We were together on a plane and, for some reason, he didn't get an opportunity to go to the bathroom during the flight. So, after the flight, he was really, really needing to urinate. He looked pretty miserable (no "dance"; just a miserable look on his face). I was worried. When we settled inside the airport, he finally got to go to a bathroom. After several minutes, he came back feeling much better, and I was also relieved that the grief was over.

Yes, it's very disturbing. I agree with Thibault -- there are many factors that can cause this, and in many cases it's not either just abuse or either just a sociopath tendency, but a combination of both.

Yes. :( It's one of those things one needs to learn how to live with. Sometimes all you can do is learn from the experience.

It's got to be something that is simultaneously amazing and difficult to look at...
I dunno, maybe a child birth? :P


The best part of birthdays, in my opinion. :D

How well-disciplined are you with abstaining from using vulgarities?

I occasionally use swear words, but it's usually only with very close people and when I know they won't mind. But I can choose not to, if needed.

While it gets tedious to see the same posters on Amirite...that doesn't mean I want to read silly new posts, either.

Well, I happen to like silly posts and, in my view, simple yes/no questions can be fun.
What is considered "interesting" varies from person to person.

Have you ever had a crush on someone's voice?
@Piper2 Sort of, yes. For me, that would apply to both singers and a few actors. Peter Coyote, for instance. When he's...

There have been some narration voices that I really like to listen to, for some reason. For example, there was this audiobook. I enjoyed hearing the phrases being spoken by the narrator's voice, lol. It wasn't even a perfect recording made by a professional narrator (it was a free recording available online), but I enjoyed the voice anyway.

And there are singers too. Sometimes what makes me like a song is just the voice; it's not even the lyrics.

If you don't sleep at all during the night, then during the day, do you feel colder than normally?

I don't remember the last time when I didn't sleep at all during the night - I think I've always slept at night, even if it's just a little bit, or an agitated sleep, so I don't know. But no, I don't think I've had that experience before. Curious.

Having trouble sleeping?

I guess my Amirite lesson for the moment is:

Sometimes when you're feeling stressed out with work, just take a moment to browse the web a bit and find some funny stuff to distract your mind and have a laugh.

I was feeling stressed, but this post and some conversations in the comments were pretty funny and helped me unwind a bit. lol