Steam locomotives are beautiful marvels of engineering

Good post. The man made precision and detail are overlooked by the finished product.

If someone, ANYONE, would have reported POTUS hater James T. Hodgkinson for his hateful rhetoric on the internet, The shooting of Representative Steven Scalise may have been prevented. Amirite?

I doubt it. Most people on the internet are just bitter loudmouths. It's liking picking THE straw out of a haystack.

In your kitchen you should always be able to make some good slime.

You have a bathtub in your kitchen? what smilieThat's really, ummmm, weird.

Do you think tv commercials should have a limit to how many times the same one can be played in its lifetime? It starts to feel insulting to our intelligence, like if we haven't bought it after seeing the commercial ten zillion times, we might not want it; so quit shoving it down our throats?! What do you think😁??

I agree. Like those Trivago commercials. There ought to be a law.

Are you the Manager or President of Anything? Are we too hung up on titles?

Many people work harder because of ego. A title boosts ego. A title is just a ploy by upper management to get another notch or two out of an employee.

Just cover it up and make it taboo.

I never smoked, but I know food is more enjoyable when there are no ashtrays around.

Do you like people more when they like you first?

It sure makes it easier.