What two words have the most letters in it?

The Alphabet

brunettes are hotter, amirite?

This is somewhat unrelated, but what is the correct term for people with black hair?

Hogwarts has really gone to the dogs. Luckily next year I'll be transferred to Pigfarts, amirite?

AVP3D was amazing... I can't wait for it to be on youtube.

Every sticker should be scratch and sniff. amirite?

They are. Burning flesh is a great scent.

You really like the power puff girls, don't you?

You love it when the time is the same number as your area code, amirite?
There are some people that you just look at, and you wonder "how do you function?", amirite?
An art is An Art when it's done from Heart, amirite?

What about the art of rhetoric?

You always sit in the same seat at family dinners and if a guest sits in your seat, you get strangely frustrated. amirite?

There's never enough room at the table, so I get bumped to the island in the kitchen. It's officially my seat now.

There should be a little timer at the bottom of your TV screen during commercial breaks that counts down until the show comes back on, so you know if you have enough time to go to the bathroom or get a snack, amirite?

I've seen this outside of the US, its pretty helpful.

For all the teenage girls who want Mitt Romney as president, let me know how you feel when you can't get birth control or an abortion. amirite?

Because all teenage girls can vote.

There should be a system similar to Netflix, only with ebooks instead of movies, amirite?

My public library lets you borrow ebooks for free, and it automatically gets removed from my kindle after the loan is over.

The best compliments are from little kids, amirite?

Insults from little kids are also the worst. Once my cousin was meeting some relatives, and her mother told her to call them "Aunt ____" and so on. My mother is my cousin's only Aunt, so she looked at the new people and said, "You're not my aunt, my aunt is fair and beautiful."

Setting up arranged marriages is almost slave trading, amirite?
@monstruosita Forced marriages maybe. Modern arranged marriages, especially in the US among immigrants, usually consist of...

I was just going to say that. Everyone thinks arranged marriages are when two people are forced against their will, but it's basically like your parents setting you up.

Avatar the Last Airbender might have been a little more interesting if Zuko was Katara's love interest, amirite?