About me.

-I'm 16 going on 17.
-I'm a Seed of Peace (if you know what that means, I salute you. If you're a seed
too, you need to message me.)
-I'm a Jordanian American.
-Once upon a time I was religious, then I realized that religion never really worked for me.
-I don't believe in governments or politicians anymore, but I do have faith in the people.
-I speak Arabic, English and French.
-I have a passion for discovery and exploration.
-I play the piano, and I own a guitar but hardly play, except the Simpson's theme sing, I play that like a boss cool smilie
-I don't sing, I only speak in melodic rhythms, quite loudly, and slightly lousily.
-Slightly obsessed with Harry Potter.
-I love music, and no, I don't have a favorite genre. A good song is good regardless of what type of song it is.
-I love reading books, and I read quite about anything I would find.
-I've probably seen more movies in my life than you have.
-I enjoy playing basketball and volleyball.
-I can't swim.
-I think Tango and Salsa are 2 of the best kinds of dancing there are, and I plan on learning to Tango..someday.
-I strongly believe my life would be better function a lot more properly without mathematical functions.

Since, and for obvious reasons, you seem like a such a great person to talk to, I believe you should scribble on my wall and leave me a message.