We had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, & Bob Rope. Now we have no jobs, no cash, & no rope to hang myself with if I read this one more time.
@WinniethePooh In pretty sure it was hope, not rope

I'm pretty sure you didn't understand the joke.

You know you're a music geek when you listen to the "A" that Squidward plays for Spongebob and realizes it's a Bb, amirite?

Or when you actually read this post as "B flat" and not just "uppercase B, lower case b."

It's annoying when non-American singers sing with fake American accents, amirite?

Most of the time if someone has an accent, you can't tell when they sing. I don't think these people are doing it on purpose.

We had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, & Bob Rope. Now we have no jobs, no cash, & no rope to hang myself with if I read this one more time.
When you first learned about sex, it seemed really, really gross, amirite?

When I was really little my mom was watching some show and the wife complained about the husband falling asleep during sex and I was thinking "But aren't they already sleeping...?" I didn't quite understand.

You should never call a girl a 'cunt.' amirite?

What the hell kind of nicknames are those?

Your hair should never be lighter than your skin, amirite?
It's pretty disrespectful to have sex while your roommate is trying to sleep 5 feet away, amirite?
guy on guy action is sexy! amirite?

Guys comment "girl on girl" and get downvoted by girls

Girls agree with "guy on guy" and get upvoted by girls...

There are two types of people in the world: those who keep the little plastic on the screen forever because they're scared of it getting scratched, and those who take it off and just say wtf, amirite?

I have a friend who leaves it on, and then when it starts to peel off and I try to take it off for her she goes "Nooo, then the screen will get scratched." Well it won't do crap if it's only on halfway!

Not many people tend to write 'n' with both apostrophes anymore, many opt to put n'. This is somewhat odd to you and probably depressing for the first apostrophe, amirite?

I don't understand what this post is talking about at all.

The movie Soul Surfer looks stupid, amirite?

I thought it was stupid how when they premiered it and showed the interviews with people who watched it on Disney Channel one of the girls is like "It was sooo good and soo relatable."
Right. Like TONS of girls can relate to a shark attack.

I probably shouldn't tell my neighbors that I heard them having sex, amirite?

You could always play dumb and pretend like you didn't know they were having sex, but say something to them about all the noise. They're bound to get the hint and realize they were being loud.

They should bring drive in movies back, amirite?

I'm so jealous of all these people who still have drive in movies, there isn't one near us as far as I know (cry2)

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those of us who've found at least one cartoon character attractive, and liars. amirite?


Good lord he was attractive.