About me.

☮Heylo. I am Hannah Michele. (Thats my middle name. HAHAHAHA WHAT NOW IDENTITY THEFTS!)

☮I'm totally a band nerd. Trombone is my main instrument, I used to play french horn until I was forced to play God's instrument, I taught myself a bit of trumpet; I use my brother's trumpet when he's not home, and I'm attempting to learn piano and I tried guitar, but I think I've pretty much given up on those.

☮Moshing is fun as hell.

☮If you like to listen to the Beatles, we need to have babies together. Its required by law.

☮My iPod can go from 60's music to heavy metal. I have a very eclectic music taste.

☮I'm left handed. I know you're jealous.

☮You're probably wondering how I got peace symbols before all of the things. Yayyyyy copy and paste!