Careful kids, I guess it's legal for your parents to murder you, amirite?
Without Anthony's parents we wouldn't have amirite.net, so we should thank them for having sex 21 years and 9 months ago, amirite?
Best way to handle insults? Accept them! ex: "You're so ugly!" "Tell me about it." or "You're an idiot!" "Yeah, it's a problem..", amirite?
@This post is gay

(:P): I mean,it has consensual sex with people of the same gender and ENJOYS it. So gay.

If they shut down facebook, people would be roaming the streets in tears , shoving pictures of themselves in other people's faces yelling "DO YOU LIKE THIS?! DO YOU?!", amirite?


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god is real if someone come from the futer,god is not real if no one comes from the futer and we made the time macne also we were first than the futer, amirite?

Rhyming is swell, and you do it quite well. If you want, its a skill you should flaunt. You're way better than me, as you can probably see; you're the best poet that there ever could be!

god is real if someone come from the futer,god is not real if no one comes from the futer and we made the time macne also we were first than the futer, amirite?

Macne (MACK-KNEE)A rare form of facial disfigurement where the subject consumes too many big macs, therefore little bits of hamburger start to sprout from his face. The only known cure is to dip the subjects face in acid, or start eating salads.
"Man, look at that guy's Macne"

Have you ever tried Ethiopian food? Neither have they, amirite?

Actually I have. So put that in your juice box and SUCK IT

Adding 'Y' to the end of animal names makes them seem so cuter. eg: horsey, doggy, birdy, amirite?
When you think about it, Adolf Hitler has to be dead. The American life expectancy in 1900 was 47, so it couldn't have been much different with people from Austria, and it's been over 120 years since he died. Ignoring this evidence is just being blind, amirite?

WHAT? But I just sent in my application to join the Nazis...

It would be really awkward for a soldiers last name to be Roger, amirite?

Or Will. "Everyone, fire at will" "Wait... No, AGHHHHHHHHH"

I always hear people say, "I'm not a racist, but-" but never the other way around. It would be funny to hear someone say,"I am a racist, but the black kid at school is a fucking legend.", amirite?
@TIDDLYWINKS aren't you a lesbian

Lesbian is a term most widely used in the English language to describe sexual and romantic desire between females. As you can clearly concur, I am not of the female disent since i do not have a vagina. My attraction for women would thus not be considered lesbian, but heterosexual.

Americans just don't like Canadians because they're jealous of our bagged milk, amirite?
@HopeImrite Could care less.

ono smilie COULDN'T care less. Could care less implies you already care a significant amount lower than which you could care, while couldn't means you already care the lowest possible amount - 0.

This guy comes up to me and says that it doesn't make sense that God made drugs and then forbidden people from smoking it. So I told him that they were used for different things and some drugs are made into medicines. So, is he right or amirite?

idk, it seems like this is a very hard question for Christians. as I was thinking, I thought; God made cliffs, they are not evil, but people can choose to jump off of them. I think drugs are the same way. God didn't make a world without danger or temptation. Human nature finds the bad in good/innocent things and abuses them. He does not require us to use anything "evil" or "sinful" to survive

You have an alter ego, amirite?

Superman (but don't tell anyone)

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