To [verb] the [animal] - Congratulations, you've just created a metaphor about masturbating! amirite?

To kill a mockingbird

It would be really convenient if you could text 911, because in a situation where you have to be quiet a phone call is not generally something you would do, amirite?

Police: 911, what's your emergnc?
Caller: A mam is too young to bill me!
Police: Im sry?

Cool! now make this one lolwut smilie

After cleaning out your closet, there's no task you CANT take on! Clean out closet: check! Find a cure for cancer: done! Creat peace in the Middle East: OH YES! amirite?

Still can't QWOP.

It would be awkward if had user profiles like amirite does. "Timothy has complained about his life in 64 posts. 74,022 people have told him his life is fucked and 55,637 people have told him he deserves his sucky life." amirite?

"Timothy is fucked 58% of the time."

Talk about your feelings.

If a robber ever breaks into your house, just pretend to be one too, and you guys will have a good laugh and hug and he'll leave, because you had first dibs. amirite?
@_____________ tl;dr plan foiled by PJs

You'll just watch the movie when it comes out. It's called 2 robbers 1 house.

You deeply respect those who can quote the works of Spongebob, amirite?

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Girls: once a guy gets to know you, the size of your tits does not even matter, almost all guys would rather date an awesome girl with small tits than a total bitch with cannons, amirite?
Girls: its really creepy when a male teacher stares at your boons in high school, amirite?

It's creepier when he stares at my spoons.

There's always that one song that makes you want to dance like a hooker, amirite?
"The talk" would have been a lot less awkward and a lot more funny if your dad was like the guy in the Old Spice commercials, amirite?
It'd be funny to have a huge party and have all beverages non alcoholic and see how people act when they THINK they're drunk. amirite?

Placebo effect.

The only good Twilight is Princess, amirite?

And Sparkle.

Screw holding hands; God created the space between your fingers for holding cigarettes and fingering girls, amirite?

Shakespeare? is that you?