You wonder what would happen if you watched the video from the Ring and you weren't near a phone, amirite?
Lately it seems like movie directors have gotten lazy. They fill a movie with random shit that may or may not have been imagined, never explain anything, and then the "twist" ending is that the person was insane, amirite?

I like those kinds of movies. I think they're clever.

It's awesome how some people can control their dreams, if you could control you're dreams you know exactly what you would do, amirite?
We all have that year in our life that we look back at and think 'What the hell was I thinking?!!', amirite?

Elementary school...

I disagree, because as someone who doesn't like romantic comedies I wouldn't go to the first movie, and I wouldn't go to the second movie because I wouldn't know who's who because I didn't watch the first movie. It would be interesting to watch the same characters in completely different situations though.

I love how people call partaking in sexual things "sexually active." It is a nice cutesy way to say it but it reminds me of a game or something. Like when you lose your virginity a deep voice should come over a hidden intercom and say "Sex Life: ACTIVATED.", amirite?
One notification never means a homepaged post. amirite?
One notification never means a homepaged post. amirite?
@PurpleZebra I only got 1 notification and got homepaged.

The post didn't say anything about it being interesting...

When Amirite becomes more popular there should be AmiriteCon, where you get to meet other users as well as the mods. amirite?
Every time someone asks you what your favourite movie is, you forget every movie you have ever seen in your whole life, amirite?
No one watches TV anymore. amirite?

I'm watching TV right now..

If all of the current amirite members remained active users for the next twenty years, there would be a shift in the age demographic, and it would be cool to see how the posts, comments, and site would change to appeal to thirty and forty-year-olds, amirite?

You hate it when those damn kids won't get off your lawn, amirite?

Life isn't actually short in terms of amount of time alive. It's just that we're expected to figure out in the first 20% how to spend the rest 80%. The only time we actually get to enjoy life purely for the enjoyment of life is during those 5-6 years before starting school. We're rushed through everything so much that the amount of time we spend actually "living" life is incredibly short, amirite?
@AppAwesome What about the summers of school?

I don't get why they said only the first six years. There are so many other times where you can enjoy life..

The longer you look at it, you can't help but see a small resemblance, amirite?
you'd be a smart homeless person, amirite?

I don't rememeber YYA'ing this post. creepy.