Whenever you eat McDonald's, you feel like you might as well be eating trash, amirite?

...It makes me queasy ._.

@Favvkes http://ctrlv.in/76561

... the green fish looks like a boner.

Your pillow is practically your spouse. You sleep with it, hold it close, cry into it when you're sad, scream into it when you're angry, love it at the end of a long day, and wash it when it gets old, amirite?

i dont know if i scream into my spouse...

i tried to slide down the stairs, but my ass had too much traction on the carpeting. physics are a killjoy.

Batman is the best superhero.

wrong. superpower = money. money is the best superpower.

since when did wind have color

Baloo from The Jungle Book is one of the laziest creatures ever, amiirte? amirite?


When buying yourself a truck, you should not be taller than it, amirite?


What if there was a device just like the Pokedex on Pokemon but instead of identifying Pokemon, it identifies the guy/girl you're into. It would be called the chickidex/dudeidex and tell you what they're into/type/abilities/weaknesses/gender. it would be so much easier to determine if the guy is a dick or the girl is a bitch, amirite?

what's it called if you're bisexual?
or do you just have two...

Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious. amirite?
People who whip out their phones every 2 hours to make a status update about whatever mundane thing they're currently doing have a serious problem. A normal person would never dream of sharing minutiae like that with the world, amirite?

2 hours? way too long. try 2 minutes

If there was a mean vegetarian/vegan guy in your class, it would be interesting to leave a pile of candy with gelatin or other animal-derived products lying around and wait for him to eat it, then tell him the ingredients, amirite?

...cause candy is tasty....

You wonder what the lives of the people whose bones they find from 1,000,000 years ago were like. And what if it's your bones they find 1,000,000 years from now to try and explain our history? amirite?

its funny cause we're fat

Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious. amirite?

its hard to prove a negative

Sharing is not that everyone gets the same, but that everyoe gets what they need, amirite?