You would be really disappointed if JK Rowling published another book in the Harry Potter series, the story's finished, there shouldn't be anymore books, amirite?
Just because you don't ask for it, doesn't mean you don't need a self-esteem boost sometimes, amirite?

You're so pretty today :)

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There should be a waterproof board in your shower to write all of your thoughts, ideas, jokes, etc so you won't forget them. amirite?
You're not waiting for sex to get married, amirite?
You part hate it part love it when you find out somebody else shares an obsession with you. Part love it because then you have someone to talk to about it, and part hate it because you kinda feel like its your thing, amirite?

Unless they steal that obsession from you and call it their own. Then you just want to punch them in the face.

(√-1) (23) Σ (inverse cos(-1)), and it was good, amirite?

For those that don't get it;

(√-1) is an imaginary number denoted by 'i'
(23) is 2 x 2 x 2, which is '8'
Σ is the greek letter capital Sigma, used as short hand for 'sum'
(inverse cos(-1)) = π, or 'pi'.

(i)(8)(sum)(pi), and it was good.

Because sometimes, you have to spoil the joke for people to get it.

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